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Update on Our Work to Create a Nextdoor Where Everyone Belongs

Written by #TeamNextdoor

We want to continue to keep neighbors updated on our progress to make Nextdoor a platform where everyone is welcome. 

Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Organization

We are committed to taking deliberate steps to increase diversity across our organization to make our team more reflective of the neighborhoods we serve today and the neighbors we will welcome in the future. Earlier this month, we announced the appointment of John Hope Bryant and Andrea Wishom to our Board of Directors. Mr. Bryant is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Operation HOPE, Inc., as well as the Chairman and CEO of Bryant Group Ventures and The Promise Homes Company. Ms. Wishom is the president of Skywalker Holdings LLC, a former Executive Vice President at Harpo Productions, and serves on the Boards of Pinterest and Tory Burch. Bringing leaders like John and Andrea to our Board highlights the importance of making diverse perspectives a business imperative. As we grow and tell the story of communities around the world, John and Andrea will help us accelerate the power of local, strengthening and lifting neighborhoods everywhere. 

We are proud of the representation of diverse perspectives and expertise on all our Boards.

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Underscoring the Neighborhood as the Unit of Change

As part of Neighbor Month, in September, we embarked on a series of conversations to underscore how neighborhoods can be the unit of change. The series started with a panel discussion featuring small business owners and experts on what neighbors can do to help businesses, particularly minority-owned businesses, in this challenging time. The second was a conversation on how to create more inclusive and connected neighborhoods featuring activist Tamika Mallory, John Hope Bryant, CEO of Operation Hope, and Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, Dekalb County Commissioner. In October, in partnership with the African American Mayors Association, Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar and Columbia, SC, Mayor Steve Benjamin talked about how neighbors continue to come together to help one another, rally around beloved local businesses and nonprofits, and roll up their sleeves to make their neighborhoods better and cities stronger. To follow all of these conversations, please visit

Improving Resources for Our Moderators

We continue to strengthen our community moderation and are continuously improving the resources and support we provide to Neighborhood Leads and Community Reviewers whose work is central to ensuring that Nextdoor is a welcoming platform for all neighbors. We are working with The New Quo to roll out educational webinars and resources to help neighbors recognize and reduce bias in order to build more inclusive and kinder communities. Our first webinar in October was met with energy and thoughtfulness from all the participants. These sessions are where we will continue to learn what works well for the Nextdoor community and will also provide a rich environment for product feedback and improvements.

Thank you, as always, for working to connect with your neighbors and build stronger communities. Please continue to follow our progress on this blog.

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  • It’s truly great to see the diversity of people running Nextdoor. As a lead in a community in California where diversity is greatly lacking, it’s good to know that one of the major tools of communication for the community has diversity behind it.

  • I think Nextdoor is a wonderful forum for bringing neighbors and the community together. with many benefits in real time such as: sharing helpful recommendations for local businesses/services/restaurants; updates regarding what’s going on within the community which at times leads to thoughtful discussion among neighbors; it allows to get info out regarding a lost or found pet leading to their quick and happy return; it allows for open discussion of opposing views where neighbors are able to find support for opinions they share that become posted and can they simply “like” what’s already been shared or further comment or challenge a statement. Are there possibly always some discussions that may have a sensitive comment that ensues, yes.. perhaps in a few cases it may have been as the writer intended, but in others, it could also be possible that the statement as written may be interpreted by the reader not as the writer intended..I try to take this into consideration when I read anything that could be interpreted as sensitive because all of us are capable of hitting “send” prior to fully understanding how a sentence is constructed. I don’t believe that the majority of neighbors on these sites are intentionally hurtful or mis-inintended. The actual meaning of the statement could be lost in translation in some cases. We all have great neighbors in our communities who genuinely care about our neighbors and these beautiful beaches or we wouldn’t be on the Nextdoor site.

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