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Bring Joy to Your Neighborhood and Save on Holiday Essentials with For Sale & Free

Written by Christina Nuti

Tap into For Sale & Free on Nextdoor to score some deals and brighten up your block this season. And we’re not just talking about lights.

We know the holiday season is going  to look a little different for neighbors this year. To  help you get in the spirit, here are 5 ways you can use For Sale & Free to connect with your community and give back this holiday season.

  1. Find holiday decor for free! That’s right–Neighbors are giving away everything from ceramic turkeys to vintage lights for absolutely nothing. With many neighbors sheltering-in-place at home, what better way to brighten up the block than to decorate your windows, front yards, indoors, outdoors and everywhere in between. Neighbors all over the world are also decorating common spaces like cul de sacs, fences between houses, or even lighting up a local landmark
  1. Sell gently-used items to benefit your favorite nonprofit. Everyone could use a little decluttering before the holidays. By listing the items you no longer use on Sell for Good, like the blender that’s still in the box or the running shoes you couldn’t return, you can also help local nonprofits. All you have to do is name your price and the percentage of the proceeds you would like to donate to charity. Learn more about Sell for Good here.
  1. Collect canned goods and other non-perishables for free to start a neighborhood food drive. Neighbors often list canned goods or other food for free on Nextdoor after cleaning out their pantries. It presents the perfect opportunity to gather these non perishable goods, baby food, and pet food to contribute to a free little pantry or full fledged local food bank. Don’t forget, you can start a Group to get the entire neighborhood involved and watch your donations multiply to tackle food insecurity in your community. 
  1. Organize a local gift exchange. Spark the holiday spirit and meet some friendly new faces with a neighborhood present exchange. Set a price limit then encourage neighbors to buy a fun, quirky, or useful gift on For Sale & Free to drop off on your neighbors’ doorsteps. Afterwards, show off  your new gift with a photo on Nextdoor to inspire the entire community to get involved.
  1. Support a lonely neighbor or family in need for the holiday season. This year, many neighbors are spending the holiday alone, or struggling to make ends meet. One small way you can make a huge difference is to “adopt” a neighbor who may be feeling lonely and isolated. Surprise someone with a gift or holiday card from For Sale & Free to lift their spirits, or offer to fulfill a local family’s wish list  of everyday essentials to let them know they have a neighbor to rely on.

Check out For Sale & Free to score some holiday deals and give back to your neighborhood this season. May your holidays be merry and bright!

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