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Nextdoor partners with the New Quo to increase inclusion and belonging

Written by Team Nextdoor

In partnership with The New Quo, Nextdoor has launched an online course specifically for Neighborhood Leads and Community Reviewers that provides tools on inclusive moderation and anti-bias education. This initiative furthers Nextdoor’s commitment to fostering a welcoming platform for all neighbors through people-based as well as technology-based interventions.

Led by founder Christina Blacken, The New Quo is a leadership and inclusion consultancy that uses behavioral-science based communication and storytelling strategies to help organizations and individuals transform behavior and build inclusive communities. 

“At Nextdoor, we believe neighborhoods can be a catalyst for positive change. We also know that these changes can only emerge when neighbors from diverse backgrounds and with different opinions can engage in civilized discourse that’s free of discrimination,” says Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar. “This important work with The New Quo will give our neighborhood leaders tools to foster healthy and productive conversations online. It will also inform our thinking when identifying and building new products, which, at Nextdoor, incorporates solutions that are both tech-driven and directly powered by our community.”

Dr. Jennifer Eberhardt’s SPARQ, a “do tank” at Stanford that partners with industry leaders and changemakers to reduce societal disparities and bridge social divides, is also involved in studying the efficacy of the course for moderators and neighborhoods on Nextdoor.

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