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About Nextdoor mailed invitations

Written by Team Nextdoor

Did you know that knowing just six neighbors can reduce feelings of loneliness? Further, a recent study found that most new friendships are made in your own neighborhood. Since the beginning of Nextdoor, our neighbors have asked for a way to invite people in their neighborhood to join Nextdoor. Mailed invitations have been a trusted and effective way of building your local community and meeting new neighbors along the way. 

Neighbor-to-neighbor invitations

Neighbor-to-neighbor invitations are a free and easy way for you to invite both neighbors you know and don’t know to join Nextdoor. To send invitations, follow the steps here to select the homes you’d like to invite from your neighborhood map, then we’ll print and mail letters or postcards on your behalf. The invitation process details that the letter will include your name, street name, and helpful information about Nextdoor. Note that invitations will never be sent on your behalf without your permission – If you accidentally chose to send invitations and want to cancel them, please contact us at

If you receive a neighbor-to-neighbor invitation letter or postcard in the mail, it will direct you to and include a unique 6-letter code to give your neighbor credit for inviting you. Although you may not recognize the name of the person who sent your letter, know that every Nextdoor letter sent on behalf of another person is from a real neighbor, with their permission.

Invitations from the Nextdoor team

In addition to neighbor-to-neighbor invitations, the Nextdoor team may also send letters or postcards to encourage neighbors nationwide to join Nextdoor and stay connected with their local community. These invitations that are from Nextdoor, not your neighbor, may feature a local return address but do not include the name of a specific neighbor as the sender. Similarly, these invitations from “your neighbors at Nextdoor” will direct you to and include a unique 6-letter code

We take additional steps to ensure your trust and safety with a transparent process for all mailed invitations. You can learn more about Nextdoor mailed invitations on our help center, or contact us at

To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at

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