Voting right access for all neighbors

Written by Sarah Friar

Civic engagement is the hallmark of a thriving neighborhood. We believe that the right to vote is a cornerstone of democracy, and we stand for every neighbor being able to participate in free and fair elections. 

Yesterday, we took an important step in support of protecting voter rights and opposing discriminatory voting measures. In doing that, we joined a coalition of business leaders that are focused on equal and fair voting access for all through various initiatives with the Black Economic Alliance and Business for America, American Civil Liberties Union and the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. 

In line with Nextdoor’s racism-prevention efforts, we are proud to support this movement that connects to our purpose and removes barriers that restrict voting rights for our neighbors in Black and Brown communities. Ensuring everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on remains our purpose, and this support aligns to that. Nextdoor continues to be committed to building neighborhoods where everyone is empowered to have their voices heard. 

At Nextdoor, we know that the neighborhood is the unit of change. While there is more work ahead, we are encouraged that each action we take continues to build towards our ultimate goal of creating a place where all neighbors feel welcome, safe, and respected. That starts with an inclusive democratic process.

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