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#WalkWithMe: Join the movement to build more inclusive, welcoming neighborhoods

Written by Team Nextdoor

Post on Nextdoor to invite your neighbors to walk in unity

Change starts in the neighborhood, and Nextdoor is a place to connect with neighbors from all backgrounds. In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, one very hopeful trend has emerged — neighbors are coming together to walk in solidarity in hopes of creating more inclusive, welcoming communities. 

The trend originated with Shawn, a 30-year-old Black man who has lived in and loved his Nashville, TN neighborhood his entire life. Following the murder of George Floyd last year, he posted on Nextdoor to share that he no longer felt comfortable walking in his neighborhood. In response, hundreds of neighbors commented to show their support, reflect on how to create a more welcoming environment, and ultimately come out to walk alongside him. Shawn shared, “I was scared to walk alone and now look who is behind me. Look who has my back.” Countless other neighbors across the country followed in Shawn’s footsteps to start a nationwide movement.

During this time of social isolation, neighbors around the world have found new and unique ways to come together and unite around causes they care about. Nextdoor instantly connects you with everyone nearby, providing a great opportunity to spark a conversation and build real-world connections. There are endless reasons to join the #WalkWithMe movement:

  • With the devastating rise in violence and hateful rhetoric towards Black and Asian-American neighbors, take inspiration from Shawn and join a walk for racial justice and equity.
  • Knowing just six neighbors can reduce loneliness and have drastic health benefits and a recent study found that most new friendships are made in your own neighborhood. Post #WalkWithMe to meet new people while staying outside and socially-distant.
  • Even the smallest acts of kindness can establish a sense of security and boost your neighborhood unity. Become an active participant in your neighborhood and invite others to explore with you. Whether you walk, skate, roll in a wheelchair, or cheer from the sidelines, everyone has a chance to get involved.
  • Use this as an opportunity to get outside and get active as we head into summer — neighbors can be the best accountability partners.

By bringing neighbors together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. Post on Nextdoor with #WalkWithMe to share your experience and invite your neighbors to walk.

Here are additional resources to help guide neighborly conversations:

Please continue to follow local and federal COVID-19 guidance from official sources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at


  • I would love to walk with other people here in Bayshore.I live off of Amber loop Dr.Iam a life long Alaskan and would love the company.

  • It’s excellent that you’re addressing the issue of racism and giving good examples of how neighbors can fight racism and make stronger neighborhood bonds and friendships by welcoming and supporting neighbors of all backgrounds. It’s a small world. We should learn to live and enjoy life together! We will all benefit from it.

    • I am not able to walk well, but try to wave to any of my walking neighbors as they pass by. Let us all be friends with those around us. A kind encouraging word or even a wave will help us all.

      • I too am older but I’m my community most everyone waves or says “Good morning “, or the proper salutation. We’ve become a society where we no longer communicate verbally! A text NEVER smiled at me 😏

        • we go to koons park every wednesday for lunch and we are in our 70s weather permitting, anyone can join us

    • Its a great idea and we can do that but I am an old man I have to use the walker how I can do that with the walker

      • Easily. Walk with someone who uses a cane or walking stick. This way there’s no one left behind. Alone.

        • Or walk with someone that can help you along….and doesn’t mind going slowly. We all walk together…..

          • Where do you live? I am in Pecan Grove and amble along. Depends on where you live, I am in Pecan grove on Wren Meadow off of Mayweather. Look forward to hearing from you.

      • Ahmed, first of all, keep a good watch for uneven or broken parts of the sidewalk. Next, pick a walking partner who’s in about the same shape as yourself. Third, do not be embarrassed a bit about how slowly or carefully you need to walk! It’s no one else’s business or problem! Last of all, be sure to bring your cell phone, just in case you need it. These days, it’s one of the best pieces of safety equipment you can have.

        Happy Walking!!

      • I too am in a walker. I would love to get together with others just for conversation, maybe share a meal, make a human connection.

        Walking is only one type of application.

        • Join us at koons wed at 12 for we bring lunch we are in our early 70s weather permitting my email is Id check before you come to the park just to make sure we are there, also sometimes we meet at the food court in the mall

        • We have online encouragement group… thats another option for connection to build friendships🙏

      • I walk with my mother who walks with a walk
        We just take is slow and enjoy the nature all around us

      • I have a bad back & have trouble walking too. Perhaps you could start a group of people who just stroll. Slow walk for short distances. There must be others who have trouble walking distances at a quick pace.

      • I want to start a walking group with people who use walkers, wheelchairs or just want to take it easy and not too far. We welcome the able-bodied also to roll & stroll. Randi Rd. Lakeside Estates. No set date or time yet due to rainy forecast for May.

        • My husband and I would like to join your group. He uses a walker. I don’t use anything yet but I have hydrocephalus and have a hard time walking straight. I feel like the Russian doll with its feet firmly planted on the ground and the body sways in all direction. Really terrible!

      • I am a cancer patient, have compromised breathing issues and a heart condition. I use a rollator, similar to a walker. Maybe there are slower people that walk or ones that are like us or use a cane etc that wouldn’t mind being in the back of the pack. Even if you are alone I can not imagine people would not walk with you this isn’t a race, it’s to be together not apart. I can almost guarantee you people will join you.

      • I’m in my 70s and can’t walk as fast or far as most. I’m sure there’s more of us out there. I started walking to the corner and back and now I can go around the block. The app should help you find someone near you with similar issues

      • Omg love I dont know where you live but I would walk slowly with you or maybe a short walk to a park and then a nice chat

      • Ahmed,

        Maybe there are others who must use assistance who would like to walk with you. Even someone recovering from surgeries and are using walkers, canes or are just slow, would enjoy conversation and support of others.

        • I don’t know where you all are. I’m on Sandy Lane off of Dawes in libertyville, behind where the pie how used to be. Is anyone even a little near by?
          Also what if our dogs want to come with?

      • Maybe others in the neighborhood also use walkers or have mobility challenges and would love the company.

      • Hi. There may be some neighbors who can only walk slowly or are lonely & would like to have your company even if it’s walking slowly. I’m in Sarasota, Florida, have cancer & can’t walk but you may be surprised at who would want to walk with you. Might be a parent with a kid on a tricycle. Good luck!

    • When we accept the fact that we cannot make real change by only thinking about what I want, but embrace the concept of what we need as a nation then and only then will real change happen.

    • Indeed, a very important issue. There is only one world and we are all equally citizens of it regardless of where our roots are.
      If someone starts a walking group around Heritage Park or vicinity I would love to join.

      • Are you in the Heritage Plaza apartments in Redding, CA? I live near there and would like to join your walking group, if you are my neighbor,

  • My neighbors Rita and the Collins have been so nice to welcome my family to Greenmill. I am not able to walk any distance very well, but enjoy seeing my neighbors walking their dogs and the children riding their bikes. I always get a return wave and smile when I am working in the yard. All of us can find more friends by being friendly.

  • I’d like to find someone in N. Cape May that would like to walk just 2 or 3 days a week for about a half hour.
    I’m just getting started back into a routine, but it would be much easier if I had someone to help motivate me.

    • I agree. How do I connect with walkers in Hood River, OR? Lots of hills..good exercise. 🙂

  • I agree with Harolyn Dutt ! Shawn is doing a community Service and setting an example on how take a stand against Racism in our communities ! Neighborhoods benefit by being Inclusive and not judging Others by the color of their skin , but rather by their Character ! We all bleed red and focusing on what we have in common, rather than on the how we are different , benefits everyone and makes for a safer and more harmonious Neighborhood

    • Having someone walk with you gives me the ability to be able to enjoy an extended walk duration and the feeling of being able to walk with comfort. Rather than being, nervous, alone anticipating the worse with every sound and seeing things that are not there.

  • Yes! Treating all people with love and respect is the only way we go forward. Listening to our brothers and sisters can go a long way toward building communities that thrive . Children learn from watching and listening to adults. If we are ever going to abolish racism we must show our children that all lives must be valued and protected.

  • I’m Paralyzed and Confined to a Wheelchair.
    I really would enjoy Rolling around the Neighborhood with People

    • What neighborhood? I can’t walk that well , but if I’m pushing something (wheel chair) I think it would be easier

    • Where are you located, sir? N.Watford is unknown to me. My location is Whitney, Texas. I too have mobility issues (not as severe as yours), but a simple hello occasionally might be nice.

    • Where do you live? There may be a neighbor who can offer assistance by taking you out for a ride in your wheelchair once in a while.

    • I need to use a walker to walk any distance , I think having a” roller derby” group would be a great idea. I know it would make my doctor happy. We could welcome the able bodied also if they can keep up!

    • I also use a wheelchair for travel. I get out on the Fanno Creek trail regularly and would welcome company.

    • Hey cosmo, got a wheelchair? I’ll push you! Ron (951) 821-0127. We have to find out where everyone is meeting…..

  • I like idea walking gather and meet each other in our area neighbor hood. Instead of any politics we can meet each other and know them. Also some time emergency time we know who to ask for help particular situation

  • Amazing what we can do for each other. Keep the love coming and get to know each other. Beautiful picture of Shawn and his neighbors and Friends.

  • I’d be happy to meet and walk with any of my neighbors. We all need to stand–and walk–together. It strengthens us all and it’s a fun way to get outside!

  • I love the idea of neighbors walking together. I myself envision my neighborhood streets crowded with people walking and talking together; what an awesome sight.

  • Great idea. Many people are living alone. This is a great way to increase their social network!!!😎😎😎

  • I was raised to respect, everyone, I have friends of every, color, it’s what is in your heart that really counts.
    I do my best to love and respect.

  • Hi Shawn very neighborly of you to help the community. Lets build in getting to know our neighbors so we can live in peace and harmony. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I am interested in walking with a group about 3x to 4x a week
    preferably in afternoon
    preference walking is gg park

    • I also like to walk from 20th Ave and Geary to GG park, to Lloyds Lake and perhaps to the polo field. Usually I walk early in the day, but can adjust that. Let me know if you are forming a group. Thank you. Patty

    • Where is gg park? Are you in Bradenton? I would love to find a waking group. I live in casa del sol. Barbara

  • Exercise, safety, comraderie, getting to know persons of varying backgrounds and life experiences in a way that promotes neighborhood solidarity – how good it that!

    • You are so right! This is a great time to meet new people especially after the pandemic. Do you like to hike? I enjoy visiting various local parks and taking pictures.

      • Hi Sandy, I am up to that. Will get me out into fresh air and out of the funk ….
        Please let me know whenever you plan an event…:)

        • Hey! This sounds great I’m in a electricwheelchair and would love to have a friend to walk with Perhaps there’s someone else that lives in the Post Falls area that’d be interested in a walking/rolling buddy

  • I remember when the March in the 60s in Detroit area.
    We all need to be aware and speak our minds in these issues.
    My heart goes out for people getting together marching peaceful .
    I cry all the time and I don’t know how people feel, I am against police brulity and racism issues.

  • I like it, for me, everyone is equal, what color you are. I would love to walk, but as I recently broke my hip, I go slow.
    unfortunately, the streets are very bad/uneven, so I have to be careful.
    would someone walk with me, as long you can handle walking not to fast.
    tekst me beck, I’ll be delighted.

    • What area are you in? I can’t walk fast or very far because of lung issues. I’m in Tuscaloosa on Cunningham drive. I prefer to walk in the mornings before it gets too hot.

    • Where do you live!? I live between 1st and 3rd in Grandview not too far from the high school. If anyone in that area is interested in walking please let me know by texting back.

    • Anouk, I am in Pasadena. I am new to this so can’t figure out from where the postings are coming. Would be very interested in joining a slow walking group if you are in my area.

  • I teach teens/women’s self-defense. And I can assure you that no one should be walking alone. 2 women as a minimum used to be the recommendation. It has risen to 3 because of all the violence in Charlotte these days. Please be safe. Take a martial arts class or a self-defense class to ensure your safety regardless of your natural instinct.

  • This is awesome!
    How are we or where do we….
    I’m gone in summer and hate to walk, but this is like so many good things at once!
    Keep me posted.
    My husband would be shocked if I told him I joined a walking group!

  • I live between lindsey and silverado ranch blvd. I would like to join d group walking for health purposes. 3 times a week in d morning please. Afternoon is too hot during summer. Also if I can bring my dogs with me iF it’s OK

  • How lovely…it warms my heart to see people coming together. Not only does it send a message of unity, it also helps to build relationships, community and improved the health of those who walk together. What an awesome display of community. I’d love to walk with my neighbors. I often see ladies walking together, but never of multiple races in my development. I am certain that it exist, I just haven’t been lucky enough to witness. If your in Culpepper Landing and would like to walk let’s do it!!!

  • I live in Sommerall, Harris County, and often walk around the block alone but would love to walk together with other vaccinated folks in the neighborhood. My email is…write me and join me if you like. I prefer the morning when it’s about you? I live in Dew Mist Lane.

  • I live in Patterson Calif. I can walk but not to fast. Looking for a early group to try and keep out of the Sun or evening walks. Large in numbers keeps us safe.

  • Wonderful idea! Walking alone is no fun and I am not comfortable doing it!! Not much crime in my area but I don’t want to take any chances.

  • I’m addressing this to the women who posted after 10 AM in the morning because I am not an early riser.
    I don’t go to bed until at least 1 AM, and that is not by choice, just a problem with my internal clock. I was
    hoping maybe, Phyllis C., IIona B., June, Julie W., Betty B., Deanne, Angela L., and Lisa T. might consider
    meeting at McDonalds on Bayshore Rd. for coffee or a cold drink and come up with some kind of plan.
    Hope some of you will respond, I’m also looking forward to meeting new friends in this area.

  • i would love to walk in our neighborhood too…but we walk at Neabsco Boardwalk and is great

  • I live in Pelican Point and would love to find a partner to walk with.I like am before it gets to hot😀Thanks

  • Hi neighbors I’m a 75 Year old Vietnam Veteran I to go on walks Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays around 9:00 AM. Around the area of Cascade Meadow Ct. and Cactus Rock. If you’re interested in joining me on my walks send me a message

  • “You get more bees with honey than with vinegar !!!

    “If you are going to say something, say something nice/positive,..or do ‘t say anything at all” (Bambi to Thumper) . . . . . .

  • I did try to get a group together in Fountain Grove, but got a response from only 1 person. I still would like to go walking but am just a novice, so I’d have to build up distance. What should I do?

  • I am in Patriots Landing and I do walk my dog but I would enjoy company on my walks.

  • Would love to walk with someone from Legacy at Stagecoach about 3-4 days of the week about 5:30pm

  • What a good idea; I would love to walk with a group in the Creek Tree area . I am retired so the time would not be a problem.

  • Wonderful idea, some one like me, 70 years old Asian man would certainly like to have a walk mate. I’m in Hoquiam Ave. And 8th.

  • This is a great idea!!!! Solidarity unites and protects us all: women, children, elderly, and men of all colors Strengthening our community will make our life, society, and world a better place.

  • Would like to meet my neighbors on the weekends ar Harrison park in Wichita Kansas- Harry and Webb for a walk possibly around 1 pm to get to know each other then maybe have a BBQ at my house potluck BRIGITTE

  • Been following Shawn’s story on Facebook. love walking early in morning to start the day and before it gets too hot. In Quail Creek/ Garden area off Calloway and Norris.

  • Racism against any ethnicity is intolerable… So when speaking about Racism… All ethnicities are included.

  • I love to walk and I would love to walk with my neighbors . What a wonderful way to show our love and compassions for eachother . Share our fears and share our tears of what we all have been threw . This made me smile today it is great way to bond with our neighbors. God has told us to love our neighbors and he is smiling over this wonderful loving walk we will share with our neighbors. Thank you to ever thought of this wonderful walk to do with our neighbors. I would love to walk with some neighbors in Stamford Conn in the Belltown area of town . Please get intouch with me stay safe and be well to all.

  • I’ve bicycled for 27 years. Tours and rides across America for over 32,600 miles. At 83, still bicycle 3 to 4 times a week on 2 wheel & recumbent trike. (Walking & running hurt my knees) I see walkers, runners and bicyclists in Sugarland Subdivision in Raceland, La. However, there does not seem to be an interest in using the ADVANTAGE, of creating groups of walkers, runners & bicyclists. As I rode with various bicycling clubs during 27 years, when with a group, it ALWAYS motivates one to perform significantly better than when bicycling (walking or running) alone. I’d love to help those who may not go fast, not know much about bicycling safety rules & laws, techniques, etc. A bicycling group would be a GIFT TO ALL WHO BIKE TO GETHER in many ways.

  • That would be great!
    I live in Harbor Bay…. so Anyone in Harbor Bay area/Pelican Bay area would be good.

  • I would love to go walking (in my case rolling in my manual wheelchair) with others in my neighborhood! Is anyone near Littleton, Colorado?

  • Great idea! Sometimes I have to use my walker, but I’d like to get out and about with my neighbors. As of July 9th, I have been in the same house for 20 years. So, it’s about time for me to get to know my neighbors. My wife Rica and I live in Portales, NM–on Boxwood Street with the old Studebaker parked in front. Jim

  • I live in Lehigh Acres Florida. I ride my bicycle in my neighborhood ( rural area no sidewalks ). I try to ride 8 miles a day up and down the same roads every day. I am the lead for the neighborhood watch for crime prevention so I am keeping an eye on the neighborhood at the same time!!! Would love to have some company !!!

  • This is such a great idea. I walk everyday and it restores my spirit to get outside. With neighbors even better.

  • I’m happy to visit, walk or talk on the phone with anyone that is feeling lonely or afraid in the Regency neighborhood. If you are unable to get around for health reasons or out of fear, please reach out.


  • I love the idea. Springdale park is a great place to walk, especially on Friday evenings. Less activity on the walkways. Safer for seniors. Some many positives, the picnic area, peace in walking without being disturbed by running kids/bikes. Very peaceful. 🙂

  • Anybody in East Palmdale ( around 20th E & Palmdale Blvd.) that likes to walk early in the morning?

  • I want to join, so I will feel safety when I walk. Living in Glendora, when will be a schedule, please let me know. Thanks

  • How does a person get together with other neighbors to walk I would love to join in. ❤️

  • Check and see if you live close to a parkrun group. Don’t be put off by “run” there are many walkers in the group. This is the US link and you can search by state then city. This is an international group but not every town has one. If you go, I am certain you will find walkers.

  • Hi! I am Nejla, just diagnosed pre-diabetic. My physician said loose 20 pounds through exercise and we can turn this around. I want to walk with my neighbors as company and comfort. Please contact me my email address is Or through next door. com.

  • It would be fun to meet up with a group of people to walk in the parks like Greenfield park and or Whitnel park. It makes walks more enjoyable if you go with a group.

  • It would be great to walk with a group in a park like Gretenfield park or Whitnell park where they have nice hiking trails and is very naturalistic . It is so much more enjoyable when you hike with a group.

  • Hi!
    Iḿ an elementary teacher that has the summers OFF! School Is OUT 6/18/21!
    Like to walk early morning before it gets too HOT, or evenings around 8:30ish when the sun is setting and the moon is lighting the way. . .
    ~Hope to hear from you. . .
    Wellman Ave., N. Chelmsford, MA . . .on the Merrimack River

  • How does a person get together with other neighbors to walk I would love to join in. ❤️

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