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Unlearning hate: A conversation with Nextdoor and the NAACP

Written by Team Nextdoor

NAACP CEO and President Derrick Johnson joins Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar

As part of our work to ensure Nextdoor is a platform where everyone feels welcome, we often engage with social justice experts and leaders to learn how neighborhoods can drive positive change. 

Nextdoor CEO Sarah Friar was honored to discuss this topic with Derrick Johnson, the president and CEO of the NAACP who is also a member of Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Vitality Advisory Board. Derrick has spent his entire career as an activist fighting for equal rights and has worked at the NAACP since 2004 in state and national roles. 

Watch the full conversation to hear how Derrick believes building stronger neighborhoods begins with embracing one’s differences:

“If we just lean into our Neighbor’s uniqueness, we’ll find the genius.” -Derrick Johnson, NAACP CEO and President

Stay up-to-date on Nextdoor’s anti-racism work and find resources to learn more on our racism prevention hub.

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