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Love Your Neighborhood: Neighbors rally to help man prepare for new job

Written by Team Nextdoor

In honor of Neighbor Month, learn how a Washington D.C. community stepped up to outfit a neighbor for success

Earlier this year, Jamal turned to his neighbors with a request: Could he do yard work, run errands, or other tasks in exchange for office-appropriate shoes and belts? Known to many as the smiling face at a local coffee shop, he’d recently landed a job at a tech company but couldn’t afford to upgrade his wardrobe.

The response was immediate, with his Washington, D.C., neighbors offering gift cards, shoes, suits, and words of encouragement. Jamal said the outpouring of kindness was overwhelming and helped build his confidence for his first day. “It’s heartwarming knowing how I belong to a community that cares. I promise, I will pay it forward, and never forget your support,” Jamal said in a thank-you message to his neighbors.

This Neighbor Month, Nextdoor will be celebrating neighbors around the world. Has your neighborhood come together to help someone, or have you been the recipient of a kind act? Post on Nextdoor with #LoveYourNeighborhood.

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