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Nextdoor unveils $KIND public listing with a day of celebration & service around the world

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Nextdoor celebrates $KIND listing on the New York Stock Exchange with neighbors who are building stronger, more connected communities 

We are thrilled to share that Nextdoor is now a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker symbol “KIND.”

KIND is core to our purpose 

What started off as an idea to leverage technology to create a place where neighbors can come together to make their local communities better has culminated into a platform where millions of neighbors around the globe connect to the neighborhoods that matter to them.

It’s for that reason that Nextdoor  will be publicly listed as KIND, as kindness is core to Nextdoor’s purpose: to cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. When we say “kind,” we mean being respectful, welcoming, empathetic, and willing to boldly act and support one another. At Nextdoor, we want to give neighbors ways to connect and be kind to each other, online and in real life. We believe a little kindness goes a long way towards making life easier, neighborhoods stronger, and the world a better place.

Nextdoor’s public listing will allow us to further realize our purpose in neighborhoods beyond those that we currently serve, bringing neighbors together to get things done locally while building thriving, more connected communities.

This special milestone was commemorated with our neighbors and neighborhoods front and center as we celebrated and served the neighborhoods that need us most. 

A day of celebration

We began by sharing the bell ringing moment with our neighbors, employees, and board members in a “neighborhood” created outside of the NYSE. While it is only the second time that the opening bell has been rung outside of the NYSE, we wanted this to be a day focused on those who are vital to building stronger, more connected neighborhoods. 

The neighborhood activation consisted of several Neighborhood Favorite local businesses including Buunni Coffee, Brooklyn Blooms, and Black Seed Bagels.

We were also joined by the ASPCA in a recreation of a dog park with two great dane puppies, Cicada and Inchworm, and nine-year-old Dutch. Special shout out to all of the animals who have been reunited with their families through Nextdoor!

Charlo, a Denver based artist who is known on Nextdoor for his neighborhood murals, painted a custom design that has since been donated to the ASPCA. Can you spot the meaningful words and symbols that speak to the importance of our neighborhoods? 

Additionally, we brought the neighborhood to Times Square with an American Eagle billboard ad and ABC Super Sign showcasing our incredible neighbors from around the world.  

A day of service

After the celebration, we felt it was important to give back, coming together in the neighborhoods where we live and work to leave a lasting impact on our communities that matter most. 

In New York, members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Boards joined Nextdoor employees to volunteer at God’s Love We Deliver in Manhattan. 

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Over 100 employees along with San Francisco Mayor London Breed cleaned up our new HQ neighborhood in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. Mayor Breed noted the importance of public and private partnerships to strengthen communities. Team Netherlands took the canals by storm, cleaning up plastic and trash.

A number of employees participated in a virtual speed mentorship session with Code Tenderloin.

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Neighborhoods are made up of many important stakeholders — neighbors, public services, organizations, and businesses of all sizes. We are proud that these stakeholders continue to believe in our long-term strategy and understand why purpose-driven companies make for great investments. Nextdoor is the neighborhood network with unique differentiators that have led to a flywheel of growth: real people, real addresses, hyperlocal proximity, trusted information, local perspective, and instant distribution. 

Thank you for your role in this journey, without which we would not have been able to achieve this milestone. Our neighborhoods have never been more important, and we are excited to embark on the next chapter of our journey with you. 

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