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Nextdoor and Smitten Ice Cream present: Neighbor’s Pint of Sugar & Spice

Written by Shannon Toliver

Nextdoor teamed up with a local business to create a limited edition holiday ice cream flavor — chai-spiced caramel

Have you heard the scoop? Nextdoor has teamed up with Smitten Ice Cream, a San Francisco Bay Area Neighborhood Favorite, to create a limited edition holiday ice cream flavor: chai-spiced caramel. The pint, rightfully named Neighbor’s Pint of Sugar & Spice, is available for purchase at local Smitten locations and Smitten’s online store to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. through the end of the year. 

At Nextdoor, we know that local businesses are the cornerstone of thriving neighborhoods. Smitten is a women-owned and led business that remains dedicated to serving the freshest, smoothest scoops made with only unprocessed, real, locally sourced ingredients. In 2009, on a mission to reengineer ice cream from the ground up, Smitten founder and CEO Robyn Sue Fisher invented and patented her own ice cream machine that could churn ultra-smooth scoops in about 90 seconds. She put Smitten on the map when she placed her custom-built “Brrr” machine atop a Radio Flyer wagon and started selling her churned-to-order ice cream on the streets of San Francisco to the crowds that gathered, soon building a cult-like following.

Chai-spiced caramel ice cream pairs perfectly with seasonal pies from pumpkin to apple and makes the perfect gift to show gratitude for your neighbors holiday season. For an extra treat, 100 Bay Area neighbors to pick up a pint at their local Smitten store will have a chance to take home an original Nextdoor + Smitten tote.

If you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, find a Neighbor’s Pint of Sugar & Spice at your local Smitten Ice Cream shop. For nationwide shipping to deliver that perfect holiday dessert, order from Smitten’s website. Thank you to all of the neighbors who voted for their favorite ice cream flavors and let’s get in the holiday spirit with a Neighbor’s Pint of Sugar & Spice! 

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