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Get neighborhood Halloween celebrations going with 10th Anniversary Treat Map

Written by Team Nextdoor

For the first time, neighbors can pin pet treats on Nextdoor’s interactive Treat Map

It’s that time! The annual Nextdoor Treat Map is back but with a new, exciting twist! In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the Treat Map is introducing an all new feature that will get neighbors saying, “Happy HOWL-oween!”

The interactive local Halloween guide for neighbors allows people to share how they will be celebrating Halloween – whether it’s decorating one’s home or taking part in the neighborhood trick-or-treating by giving out candy. In addition, a unique pet-friendly pin will be available to neighbors in the U.S., enabling pet owners or pet-welcoming neighbors to include their furry friends in the trick-or-treating fun.

More than 75% of Nextdoor neighbors are pet owners, so it’s no surprise people would want to include their pet pals in the Halloween festivities. According to a recent Nextdoor poll of more than 36,000 neighbors in the U.S., nearly 25% of neighbors celebrate the season’s festivities with their furry friends by dressing up their pets in costume, nearly 14% bringing their pets on their trick-or-treating route, and nearly 13% handing out pet-friendly treats for visiting animals.

Add your home to the annual Treat Map to let neighbors know how you will be celebrating this October:

  • Select the candy pin for treats: If you are filling your candy cauldron and handing out treats, mark your home with the candy icon so trick-or-treaters can be sure to stop by.
  • Select the decorating outside pin for a decked out home: If your home will be decked out as a haunted house in ghoulish adornments, tap the haunted decor icon to attract fright seekers as they pass through the neighborhood.
  • Select the Beggin’ pin for pet-friendly treats: If you are giving out goodies for furry trick-or-treaters, select the Beggin’ pin on the map. Once your home is marked as a pet-friendly destination, get ready to see precious pets in costumes on your doorstep! This feature is only available to neighbors in the U.S.
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This year, Nextdoor partnered up with Beggin’, Purina’s beloved dog treat brand, to create a bespoke map experience in the U.S. for pets and pet-lovers alike, ensuring the season is filled with more treats than tricks. With Nextdoor’s Treat Map, Halloween can be a treat for the whole neighborhood.

“We’re so excited to partner with Nextdoor and make the Treat Map dog-friendly for the very first time,” said Tim Brunt, Senior Brand Manager, Purina. “We know that dogs go bonkers for Beggin’ so it’s exciting that we can show families exactly where to stop on their Halloween trick-or-treating route so their doggo can get the mouthwatering treats they crave.”

The Treat Map will be available in the U.S. today, as well as a selection of Nextdoor’s international markets including the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Australia, and Canada on October 10. The pet friendly pin by Beggin’ will be available in the U.S. through Halloween night.

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