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Commemorating Juneteenth through action and education

Written by Team Nextdoor

B@ND, Black (employees) at Nextdoor, is thrilled to wish everyone a happy Pride Month and start the countdown toward Juneteenth! Both events hold particular significance, as they offer opportunities to reflect on the progress made towards equality and honor the contributions of Black LGBTQ+ folks throughout history.

It’s important to remember that Pride Month and Juneteenth aren’t just about celebration. They’re also about action. We not only want to continue to raise awareness and advocate for Black and LGBTQ+ issues, but also recognize the intersection of racism and homophobia/transphobia.

So as we commemorate Pride Month and prepare for Juneteenth, let’s celebrate the work that’s been done and acknowledge the work still ahead of us.

Here are a few ways you can honor both Pride Month and Juneteenth:

This blog was written by B@ND. B@ND is an Employee Resource Group at Nextdoor that cultivates community and champions the advancement of Black employees. We aim to educate Nextdoor leaders and staff on the challenges and experiences of Black people across identities, support Nextdoor in its efforts to create an inclusive and equitable workforce and culture, and to support and empower the communities we operate in.

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