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3 ways to support small businesses this holiday season

Written by Team Nextdoor

Small businesses are an important part of your neighborhood, and the holiday season is a wonderful time to support these pillars in your community, especially during challenging economic times.

Small Business Saturday falls on Saturday, November 25 this year, which serves as an amazing opportunity to support your favorite local businesses that day and beyond, as you make your holiday purchases this year.

3 ways to support small businesses this holiday season

Here are some ways to show your support for your favorite local businesses this time of year.

1. Write a recommendation for your favorite local businesses.

Can’t get enough of your neighborhood coffee spot?

Are you the No. 1 fan of your area gift shop?

You can show your favorite local businesses how much you care by writing a recommendation for them on Nextdoor.

When you write a recommendation for a local business on Nextdoor, it helps those businesses gain credibility in your community and allows more customers and new neighbors to discover amazing local spots.

Search for a business on Nextdoor, click to “Write a recommendation” on their Business Page, and share the reasons why their services are exceptional. You can also add photos and videos to your recommendation so neighbors will see what makes them so special.

This is a great gift to local business owners as the year comes to a close, and it’s helpful for your neighbors who are in the market for everything from the tastiest Thanksgiving pies at a local bakery to Hanukkah gifts from your favorite local artisan.

2. Fave businesses to help new customers find them.

Want to know one of the easiest ways to show you like a business? It’s quick and free.

Faving a Business Page on Nextdoor shows your support for local businesses and keeps you updated on the latest news and deals from the small businesses you love.

To Fave a Business Page, click on the Fave button under the business’s name. Following a Business Page means you can now see posts from them in your Nextdoor newsfeed.

It also shows support for the business, as they receive more Faves on their page from neighbors like you. More Faves help businesses rank higher in search results, so adding a business to your Faves has a direct impact on helping them get discovered.

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3. Shop local when making holiday purchases.

Have you been making a list and checking it twice for everything on your shopping list this winter?

From food and drinks, gifts and party favors, decorations and necessary home services, shopping locally helps:

  • Strengthen your local economy
  • Create more jobs in your neighborhood
  • Support small businesses and entrepreneurs in your area

Before purchasing from a large corporation, take a moment to see whether you can purchase goods or services within your own neighborhood this holiday season. In addition to all the wonderful benefits listed above, shopping local gives you something to talk about at your festive celebrations this winter season!

You’re much more likely to get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you tell your friends that you picked up those delicious cookies or beautiful floral arrangements from a local small business owner that you just discovered in your neighborhood.

You can spread holiday cheer just by shopping local and supporting small businesses on Small Business Saturday and throughout the holiday season.

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Supporting local businesses this holiday season is easy with Nextdoor. Discover goods and services in your neighborhood, Fave and write recommendations for small businesses you love, and share how you’re giving back to the community by shopping at local mom-and-pop stores, local grocers, and more.

To connect with your local neighborhood, download the app or login at nextdoor.com.

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