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Offer and receive help during winter storm season on Nextdoor

Written by Team Nextdoor

Do you need help shoveling snow, or are you willing to lend a hand?

When inclement winter weather hits, it’s often the neighbors closest to you who can offer support.

With strong winter storms, some neighbors, especially elderly neighbors or neighbors with mobility limitations, access and functional needs, and those with fixed incomes, may need help shoveling snow, clearing out storm drains, or bringing trash cans in and out.

Your neighbors on Nextdoor may be able to help.

You can become a member of your local #StormCrew by using Nextdoor’s Help Map to offer help or to receive help.

Using Nextdoor’s Help Map, neighbors can:

Neighbors see the most success on the Help Map when being detailed in their requests, by sharing specifically what needs to be shoveled and whether there is a cost or if they’re offering to help free of charge.

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Some ways that neighbors can support one another during winter storm season are:

  • Shoveling or clearing a neighbor’s sidewalk, vehicle or driveway
  • Running errands or delivering groceries
  • Checking in on neighbors who live alone
  • Offering to check that snow is not blocking exhaust vents to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Coordinating a group of neighbors to shovel out fire hydrants and clear storm drains

When a storm strikes, that’s when neighbors, local business owners, and public agencies can rally to help as first responders focus on the most pressing problems.

Lorraine, a veteran based in Lackawaxen, PA, recently underwent back surgery, restricting her mobility.

After a recent heavy snowfall, she posted to Nextdoor’s Help Map seeking a neighbor who could shovel her deck.

Within minutes of posting Lorraine received a response from her neighbor, Shawn, whom she had never met before.

Shawn arrived 20 minutes later with his 15-year-old son to get the shoveling job done.

“I was very happy that they did it,” Lorraine said. Lorraine said she now knows she can count on her neighbors on Nextdoor when seeking support in the future. “If I need help I’ll do it again.”

“I’ve always been self-sufficient, and it is kind of disheartening when you are not, so when you get someone who is willing to help you, right off the bat, no questions asked, it makes you feel really good.”

Visit Nextdoor’s Help Map now to see how you can give or get help in your local neighborhood this winter storm season and beyond at

To connect with your local neighborhood, download the app or login at

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