Happy Neighborday!

Written by Team Nextdoor

Today, neighbors across the globe will gather together to celebrate Neighborday. GOOD, a community working towards individual and collective progress, lead the way in reminding people everywhere about the importance of simply getting to know your neighbors through Neighborday.

As GOOD suggests, whether it’s as simple as asking the nice gentleman in apartment 3B what his name is…again, or as ambitious as coordinating a full-fledged block party complete with a mariachi band, bouncy castle, and street hockey tournament – now is as good a time as any to get to know the people who live right next door.

Nextdoorsupports GOOD’s Neighborday call to neighbors everywhere to get out and make connections happen. Like GOOD, we know that when neighbors start talking, GREAT things can happen in your community.

Make a special effort today to meet a new neighbor and start a conversation. Introduce yourself to someone new, join your neighborhood watch group, or plan a block party for Memorial Day weekend.

To keep the conversation going all year long, start a Nextdoor website for your neighborhood. You’ll be amazed with all the great things that happen when neighbors start talking and join forces to create a safer and happier place to call home.

Happy Neighborday!

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