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Introducing Nextdoor for Android

Written by Nirav Tolia

Over the past two years, we have witnessed how Nextdoor has become the lifeline to the neighborhood. It has become an essential communication platform for more than 18,000 neighborhoods across the country.

After we launched Nextdoor for iPhone in May 2013, we realized that mobile makes Nextdoor better in every way. We knew we had to quickly follow with an Android app to make Nextdoor ubiquitously accessible.

Today we are excited to introduce Nextdoor for Android.

Our members use Nextdoor to exchange vital information, like crime alerts, and having access to Nextdoor at all times is extremely useful and often critical for the types of messages our members exchange each day. Using Nextdoor for Android, neighbors can quickly send urgent alerts about criminal activity, report lost keys found on the sidewalk, and warn neighbors about road construction.

With the release of the Android app, we now have dedicated apps available to 91 percent of all U.S. smartphone users.

We want to thank our members for the feedback they shared with us through our development process, and we would appreciate hearing from you too. Please send any feedback, comments, and suggestions by contacting us here.

To download Nextdoor for Android, please visit

On behalf of the entire Nextdoor team, we want to thank you for the opportunity to work together to build stronger and safer places to call home.

Nirav Tolia
Co-Founder & CEO

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