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Neighbors Use Nextdoor to Donate Musical Instruments to Local School In Need

Written by Danielle Styskal

Jennifer’s son, a student at a new non-profit inclusion school in Redwood City, CA, recently enrolled in the school’s music class. However, the school didn’t have the budget to buy enough instruments for the students to learn and play.

The music director searched classifieds ads for used instruments to no avail. Her meager supply of instruments – a borrowed keyboard, guitar, and plastic party-favor maracas – didn’t offer her students the breadth or quality of instruments to learn. Recognizing the music director’s frustration, Jennifer decided to take action. 

Within 48 hours, Jennifer’s neighbors donated enough instruments.

Jennifer had used Nextdoor in her own Sharon Heights neighborhood to buy and sell items – which is why she went home and told her neighbors about her son’s music class. She wrote that the music program was in need, and she would accept donations of instruments on behalf of the school.

The response was overwhelming. Within 48 hours, Jennifer’s neighbors had donated three nice keyboards, two complete drum sets, an heirloom clarinet, and small percussion instruments.

Research studies have shown that children often learn better and are more motivated by learning with music. Thanks to the generosity of Jennifer’s neighbors, the students at Open Mind School now have the opportunity to learn to play a wide variety of instruments.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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