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Nextdoor Helps Reunite Service Dog with Owner

Written by ndmulti

When Jason, a neighbor in Phoenix, accidentally left his gate open one morning, three of his dogs ran off.

Two of them returned shortly after, but the third, Emmy, did not.

“It’s awful, it’s like losing your child. It’s a horrible experience.”
Jason is deaf, and Emmy is Jason’s hearing dog – she is trained to make specific physical contact with Jason when different noises occur, such as alarm clocks or smoke detectors.

“It’s awful, it’s like losing your child. It’s a horrible experience,” says Jason. “I was frantic.”

He started posting on social media to see if he could get any help from his community. A friend of his suggested posting on Nextdoor to reach those most likely to spot Emmy out and about: his neighbors.

“I got a lot of responses from people in my neighborhood who wanted to help out by posting fliers, and just keeping an eye out for my dog,” Jason said. Even with all of the added help, four days dragged by with no news of Emmy.

Then, a neighbor texted Jason, telling him he’d spotted Emmy. After several days on the lam, she’d wandered back home, and the neighbor had seen her just down the street.

“It’s a really neat app,” Jason said. “It keeps people informed.”

Following her joyous return, Jason’s neighbors happily offered to help take down the hundreds of posters he’d put up around the neighborhood.

As reported by FOX Phoenix.

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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