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A New Way for Neighbors to Connect with Businesses

Written by Nirav Tolia

Thank you to all of our members who made 2015 an incredible year. We are honored that half of all U.S. neighborhoods now rely on Nextdoor to help build stronger, safer communities.

Our top priority has always been to create an indispensable product for our members. Looking ahead, one of our next tasks is to pair our thriving product with a successful revenue model.

Starting this week, we will begin testing sponsored posts from a select group of businesses who have relevant content to share. These tests will be running in a small group of neighborhoods in Austin and the Bay Area. Sponsored posts will initially appear in the neighborhood newsfeed and daily email digest, but we will continue to experiment and take the time to get this right.

We have always believed that there is a tremendous opportunity to connect neighbors with businesses. Whether it’s discovering information to help keep your family safe, improve your home, or beautify your yard, Nextdoor is a great place to hear from businesses that can provide value to your local life.

As always, protecting your privacy is paramount. Participating businesses will not have access to your personal information, neighborhood conversations, or the directory. They will only be able to see replies to their own posts.

Thank you for your support as we take the next step in our evolution. You can learn more about sponsored posts in this help article, or contact us if you have feedback or questions.

Nirav Tolia
Co-Founder and CEO, Nextdoor

Update: As of May 10, 2016, additional sponsored post tests will be running in Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Dallas, Houston, and Denver. 

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