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Redwood City Neighbors Come Together on Nextdoor to Support One of Their Own

Written by Annie Barco

When longtime Redwood City resident, Stasha – an avid volunteer for animal and human care – fell ill with a ruptured gall bladder that required emergency surgery, she turned to Nextdoor to ask for a little support during her six weeks of recovery.

Stasha thought her request was a long shot and didn’t expect many responses. However, instead she was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support she received within moments of posting. Stasha’s post garnered over 60 responses from neighbors eagerly seeking ways to lend a helping hand, many of whom Stasha had never met prior to her Nextdoor post.

Neighbors quickly tackled Stasha’s original wish list, raising money for new glasses, delivering her prescriptions, stocking her fridge with groceries, and providing food for her cats. Neighbors then urged her to post another list, a “dream” wish list, to allow others to get involved.

One neighbor who happened to own a laundromat picked up, washed, folded, and delivered Stasha’s laundry. Another neighbor, Sue, visited Stasha every day to help clean the litter boxes for her cats and assist with any other tasks that Stasha couldn’t do alone.

“I cried,” says Stasha.

“I cried. Because literally it wasn’t just neighbors I know or people I’ve helped. It was people I’ve never heard their names, never seen their names,” admitted Stasha.

Overcome with joy, Stasha is now back on her feet and working on delivering handwritten thank you notes to her wonderful neighbors. Her thank you list is three pages long, which goes to show just how generous a community can be when one has the courage to ask for help.

Originally reported by NBC Bay Area.

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