Phoenix Good Neighbor Goes Out of Her Way to Meet Her Community

Written by Danielle Styskal

Each month, Nextdoor is honoring the good neighbors who are making a difference in their neighborhoods every day with our Good Neighbor Award. Each winner is nominated by their neighbors and will receive a gift card from Nextdoor in recognition of the positive impact they have made in their community.

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Born and raised on a rural dairy farm in upstate New York with 11 siblings, Rosé moved west with her older sister when she was just 24, and has made Phoenix her home ever since.

She settled in her Fairview Place neighborhood in 1971 – where she has now lived more than half of her life.

She likes to joke that when she moved into the very well-maintained neighborhood, it started to go downhill – but her neighbors beg to differ.

According to neighbor Sandy Zetlan, who nominated Rosé for Nextdoor’s Good Neighbor Award in Phoenix, “Rosé is someone that binds our neighborhood together. She is 89 years old, but has friends of all ages.”

Affectionately named the “neighborhood hostess” because she likes to host neighbors for dinner, Rosé says, “There’s no better way to meet people than by breaking bread together.”

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Rosé, second from left, enjoys Thanksgiving dinner with her brother and friends.

Sandy continues, “Rosé knows almost everyone because she cares enough to drop by and see how you are, maybe leaving you a note or a grapefruit if you aren’t there. Sharp as a tack and always ready with a laugh, she always knows what art events are going on and where, supporting our local artists by attending their exhibit openings, and bringing her neighbors along with her.”

Her genuine care for her neighbors, and her involvement in neighborhood events – from hosting potlucks to organizing yard sales – for almost half a century has earned her the respect and devotion of her neighbors.

“Rosé knows what a community should be, and she knows it takes people to make it. Everyone knows her. She drops off baskets of fruit and cards at neighbors’ homes, just because,” Sandy adds.

Rosé doesn’t think her contributions to the neighborhood have been that significant, but as her jam-packed calendar full of celebrations for her recent 89th birthday reflects – several breakfasts, brunches, and lunches with friends from the neighborhood – her neighbors adore her.

From all of us at Nextdoor, thank you, Rosé, for your long-standing commitment of love and support for your neighbors, and congratulations on being named Phoenix’s Nextdoor Good Neighbor!

Do you have a story about how you have used Nextdoor in your neighborhood? Let us know.

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  • So pleased my grandmother was named Good Neighbor! I am not at all surprised and cannot think of a person more deserving. Congrats G-Rosé!

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