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San Diego Neighbor Launches Innovative Supper Club for Local Community

Written by ndmulti

For Audrey J., a neighbor in San Diego’s South Park neighborhood, supper means many things: good food, interesting conversation, and the chance to open her home to others.

Over the past several months, Audrey has opened up her beloved backyard to food lovers seeking transformative meals and a different atmosphere from the restaurant scene in San Diego. Eventually, she began to wonder if she could expand her social gatherings into something a bit more formal.

Audrey started to hunt for a chef who would be interested in not just cooking food for her supper clubs, but one who would approach it for how she saw it: an art form and an experience.

“I made a list of five chefs, but I didn’t even interview the four others because I saw Peter Calley’s artistic passion and devotion to food within minutes,” says Audrey. “He had the vision for a supper club and I had the space.”

“People feel they’re part of a group.”
An Oregon transplant, Peter taught cooking classes at Hipcooks and taught private classes through his own company, Culinary Hedonism. Together, the two quickly gained momentum, selling out all of their available supper club dates thanks to word of mouth and posts throughout communities in San Diego.

No two dinners are rarely the same, and no two dishes are ever repeated at a meal. Audrey acts as the host and icebreaker for the evening, asking attendees to share a favorite joke, song, or anecdote that reflects their personalities while Peter whips up innovative meals in the kitchen with his team.

For many, the supper clubs are a new way to meet neighbors, make new friends, and break bread with individuals in the community.

“People feel they’re part of a group,” Audrey explains. “And yet, at the same time, when one person speaks, everyone can listen.”

Originally reported by San Diego Uptown NewsPhoto courtesy of Culinary Hedonism Supper Club.

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