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Sacramento Neighbor Kicks Off Cycling Fundraiser for Deserving Kids

Written by Danielle Styskal

While most may celebrate their birthdays by relaxing, opening presents, and indulging in cake, Sacramento neighbor Isaac Gonzalez isn’t like most people.

Last year, for his 35th birthday, Isaac spent the day in the lobby of the Sacramento-Central YMCA on a stationary bike, cycling for 12 hours to raise money for more than 40 local underprivileged children to attend YMCA’s summer day camp. He surpassed his goal of $5,000, raising nearly $6,000 instead. Over the summer, Isaac had a chance to stop by the summer camp and meet some of the children who benefitted from his efforts. They beamed with gratitude.

Isaac stopped by for a visit with some of the kids at the 2016 summer camp.

“The need is huge and the lives we change are real and local.”
This year, for his 36th birthday, Isaac once again dedicated his day to local children who otherwise couldn’t afford to attend the YMCA’s summer camp. Donning a neon green cycling jacket and a million dollar smile, Isaac arrived at the lobby of the YMCA bright and early to attempt to raise even more money – $7,500. Fueled by the desire to give back, Isaac hopped onto his stationary bike and sped off for a 12-hour cycling marathon.

Isaac kicks off his second 12-hour cycling effort on his 36th birthday.

To raise the money, Isaac turned to a variety of avenues, including his neighbors on Nextdoor Tahoe Park, who were proud of his efforts and happy to support him.

Isaac is passionate about helping his local community. “The need is huge and the lives we change are real and local.”

We applaud Isaac’s efforts to support the Sacramento community, especially on his birthday – that’s what being a good neighbor is all about!

As reported by CBS Sacramento.

To support Isaac’s Bike-A-Thon and help send more children to summer camp, visit

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