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The Quirkiest Neighbors on the Block – Pet Edition!

Written by Danielle Styskal

In honor of National Pet Day next Tuesday, we’ve asked neighborhoods across the country to share photos and fun stories of their beloved pets.

Hundreds of neighbors shared photos of their family’s cats, dogs, and other pets – but a few stood out. Check out the unique stories below, from married ferrets, to therapy pigs, and even a few praying mantises. And check back in next Tuesday for a fun new feature Nextdoor is releasing in honor of National Pet Day!

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Osa and Leona from Nextdoor Sherborn in Sherborn, MA are feeder pigs who each weigh 250 pounds! They love getting food scraps from local families and are currently being trained as therapy farm animals. They give lots of hugs and love to fall into your lap while you rub them! They have taught their owner so much – how to appreciate the outdoors, how to eat sustainably, how to reduce stress, and how to give back to the community. With the pigs’ help, their owner is creating a local animal composting business in Boston and introducing the pigs to people in the surrounding area so they, too, can learn more about these special animals.


Ferrets Gus and Laquisha are the coolest pets, not only in Nextdoor Kimball, but across Salt Lake City, UT! According to their owner, they’re always so sweet and playful and have great fun with their 2-year-old “sister”, Liza, who rough-houses with them – and they love it! Four years ago, Gus asked Laquisha for her hand in marriage, and as you can see from the photo, the two have been inseparable ever since.


Ike is a 23-year-old rescue Goffins Cockatoo from Nextdoor Dover Shores West in Orlando, FL. He eats scrambled eggs every morning, plays outside his home when his human mom is there to supervise, and loves to socialize with guests. He’s such a character that he even decided to display his handsome bird pose for his photo!



Despite being a sheep, Lambie lives inside but spends her days outside going on walks with her owners in Nextdoor Tanglewood Forest in Austin, TX. They are often stopped several times to talk about her life – it makes the local children especially happy to see her. She brings a smile to everyone’s face!


Annie is a 4-year-old Apricot poodle from Nextdoor Mill Creek Towne in Rockville, MD. She loves to run around the backyard and she plays with the neighbor’s dog – even though they are separated by fences. She loves to play outside with her toys and she sometimes likes to lie down in front of the house, just watching the cars drive by. She is a total attention lover who loves to go to Home Depot because everyone is always nice to her. When she goes inside acceptable stores, she behaves extremely well.

Her owner continues, “She also is considerate towards people with disabilities. She has seen my grandmother use a cane ever since she was a baby, so when I fractured my ankle, she started walking behind me in case I would fall or need help.”


Not all Nextdoor members raise dogs, cats, pigs, or horses – one neighbor from Nextdoor Belmont Shore-Ocean in Long Beach, CA raises praying mantises and ladybugs in her garden!

The bugs feed on landscape pests and don’t harm other beneficial bugs or plants, helping to keep the backyard garden healthy and thriving.


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