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Fort Worth Neighbors Save Pooch with Jar Stuck on Head for Four Days

Written by Annie Barco

Staci Szybowicz and her husband were out for their usual stroll through the neighborhood when they came across something unusual – a dog whose head was stuck in what appeared to be a large plastic pickle jar.

Unable to free the dog themselves, Staci quickly posted a message to her neighbors on Nextdoor asking for their help in tracking down the dog, and called the City of Fort Worth to enlist the help of animal control. Her post instantly grabbed the attention of the neighborhood, gathering over 50 comments from concerned neighbors who promised to keep their eyes peeled for the dog.

As the days passed, dozens of neighbors took to the streets to search for the dog. As they documented his movements on Nextdoor, the community was able to get a general idea of his whereabouts and his paths through the neighborhood. They also gave him a name: Pickles, for both the jar on his head and the fact that he was stuck in a rather unfortunate “pickle” of a situation.


One of Staci’s neighbors, Mike Phipps, owns his own at-home animal sitting business. He connected with Staci through Nextdoor and offered his assistance in locating Pickles. He posted another message to Nextdoor to alert more of the community, and leveraged his contacts at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control to get them involved, too. Four days after Staci’s original post, Pickles was found lying down on the side of a busy road. Animal Control was called and they were finally able to free the poor dog from the jar.

“The fresh oxygen just caused the dog to almost pass out, so it was pretty intense,” said an animal control representative.

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Pickles, who was finally freed from the jug.

Animal Control took in Pickles and performed both a veterinary evaluation and behavioral test. They determined he had likely been a stray for a majority of his life, and may have gotten his head stuck in the jar while scavenging for food.

Now that Pickles is safe, neighbors have turned to Nextdoor once again to find him a forever home. They are hoping for one last miracle that will give this pooch a second chance at life.

UPDATE: Sadly, Pickles’ current status at the animal shelter is Code Red, meaning he is at great risk of euthanasia. If you’d like to pledge money to help save Pickles, visit FWACC’s Facebook page for instructions.

Originally reported by CBS Dallas.

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