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Agoura Hills Neighbors Welcome Bossy, the New Neighborhood Cow

Written by ndmulti

There’s a new cow in town, and her name is Bossy.

Recently, Marie Sebastien-Tavitian, a rancher in Agoura Hills, posted to her Nextdoor neighborhood about a cow in search of a new home. Bossy, a 3-year-old pet Holstein heifer, was headed for the auction – that is, until Marie and neighbors came to her rescue.

After her owner could no longer afford to keep Bossy, Marie’s Nextdoor neighborhood came together to welcome its newest neighbor.

The response was overwhelming and after much community support, Marie decided to take the cow in herself.

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Bossy relaxing in her new home.

“The Nextdoor post created such enthusiasm,” she said. “I was amazed by how the neighborhood pulled together with suggestions, ideas, support, kindness, and generosity. It developed into something that I never expected.”

In order to help cover expenses for Bossy, Marie created a crowdfunding campaign for Bossy.

“Everyone who said they would help actually came through and did. In 18 hours I had $495,” she said.

“It takes a village to take care of a cow,” said one neighbor. “Those of us who have cow-envy because we don’t have the property to have our own cows can help.”

Bossy has become the new mascot of Agoura Hills – and can now be found in her corral enjoying a nice head rub or licking her new neighbors.

While Bossy is currently enjoying her new home, her long-term stay at the ranch is undecided. In the meantime, her new owners plan to bring a burro or horse into the corral to keep Bossy company.

To help contribute to Bossy’s feed and upkeep, click here.

As reported by The Acorn. Images courtesy of The Acorn.

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  • This story made me happy! I love Bossy!! I hope to meet her one day! Love, Laura from Santa Barbara <3

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