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When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade for Your Neighbors

Written by Isabella Levin

What started as two kids selling lemonade turned into much more when Jackson and Charli decided to donate their earnings to an elderly neighbor whose house tragically went up in flames on the Fourth of July.

“We heard from some people that live nearby and saw on the news that Mrs. B’s house burnt, so we felt bad. We were already planning on doing a lemonade stand so we put two and two together,” Jackson said.

Jackson and Charli hard at work!

After the kids decided to put their lemonade stand to good use, their mother posted to Nextdoor to get the word out about the cause. Shortly thereafter, a crowd of neighbors, community members, firefighters, and police officers showed up to their door ready to pitch in. Together, they were all able to raise over $1,000 for their neighbor in need.

“It was pretty awesome actually, to have the kids come up with the idea and then equally to have the community come out the way they did,” the children’s’ mother said. “It was outstanding.”

Shortly thereafter, the family drove down to Mrs. B’s church to surprise her. “We gave her the money when she walked in,” Jackson remembered. “She was very happy.”

Jackson and Charli surprise Mrs. B with their earnings at her church.

After a few happy tears were shed, the children’s mother said meeting Mrs. B in person made their good intentions a reality.

“Sometimes, you give money to a cause,” she said. “But you don’t always get to hand it over and see the impact and joy in person. To live a lesson like that is something the kids will never forget.”

When asked if they were willing to host another lemonade stand to help more neighbors, Jackson and Charli enthusiastically said: “definitely!”

As reported by Fox 35 Orlando News

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