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Quick acting neighbor helps reunite lost boy with family

Written by Annie Barco

A San Diego woman is being celebrated for helping reunite a young boy with his family. Dawn Henry was out for a walk with her daughter in their Carmel Valley neighborhood when she bumped into a neighbor who had just happened upon a young boy playing by himself along the neighborhood’s busy walking path. The boy was without pants or shoes and did not respond to communication, which indicated to Dawn and her fellow neighbor that the boy had likely wandered away from home and was in need of help.

The man explained to Dawn that he was out for a run when he noticed the young boy and decided to call 911, as it wasn’t clear where his parents were. Knowing that the police were on their way, Dawn pulled out her phone and opened Nextdoor, where she quickly drafted a post describing the boy and asking if anyone knew who he was or where he lived.

Within minutes of posting, the boy’s father replied to Dawn’s Nextdoor post saying he believed that to be his son and that he was on his way to meet them at the walking path. As it turned out, the young boy had slipped out of his house without his parents noticing. When his dad saw Dawn’s Nextdoor post, he and his wife realized their son was missing and quickly rushed over to be reunited with their son.

The boy’s parents later sent thank you messages to the neighbors who helped look out for their son, saying they were so grateful to know the community came together to help keep him safe.


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