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Richmond, VA church collects items through Nextdoor for neighbors in need

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

In Richmond, VA an organization named CARITAS works to house people experiencing homelessness. Every week, CARITAS sends a group of around 30 people to various churches in the Richmond area to help house and feed homeless in the area. Additionally, the churches help them with other needs like clothing, books, and bus passes.

The New Hanover Presbyterian is one of the churches that works with CARITAS. To help with aiding the guests who are staying there, members use Nextdoor to gather donations.

Every time a New Hanover Presbyterian member posts looking for supplies during their CARITAS rotation, they are met with enthusiasm from local members of the community looking to chip in however they can. Typically, the church receives at least $5,000 worth of gifts from neighbors everytime they post on Nextdoor in both monetary donations and items. Some neighbors also offer to donate their time or food. On one occasion, someone even brought a pony for the children staying at the church to enjoy! Even after they complete its rotation, neighbors continue to drop off boxes full of items.

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Farm animals stopping by the church

The posts really bring the community together. Katrina, a member that uses Nextdoor to garner donations, will receive messages and responses on her posts asking for updates on the families. By sharing the stories about the people staying at the New Hanover Presbyterian, they are able to deepen its relationship with neighbors and recognize those doing good things in the community.

“Nextdoor is the most important communication tool we have to bridge the gap between us and people who live near our church,” Katrina told us.

If you are interested in donating, click here.

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