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Nextdoor’s Most Neighborly Dog In America

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

We know that pets are an important part of every community, so in honor of National Dog Day this Sunday, August 26th, we want to celebrate the most neighborly dogs in the country. We asked neighbors to nominate their furry friends who have been making a pawsitive difference in the community, and received over 400 nominations from all over the country. From dogs who serve the community by keeping watch over the neighborhood, to those who bring smiles to the faces of neighbors in need, we have loved hearing about all the amazing ways dogs are bringing communities together.

Check out the top 10 pawfect dogs below and cast your vote to help us decide who is the most neighborly dog in America! Voting ends Friday, August 24th at 12 p.m. PST, so be sure to vote quickly and spread the word to other friends and neighbors. The winning dog will receive a $100 gift card to a neighborhood favorite groomer.

UPDATE: The votes are in: Congratulations to Seven, Nextdoor’s Most Neighborly Dog in America!

1. Curry (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) – Burlingame, CA


Named after the NBA All-Star, Stephen Curry, I bring delight to the community with my booty-shaking and smile. Whenever I see someone looking lonely, I always walk over to them and sit on their lap to make them smile. If you ever have unwanted squirrels in your backyard, you can count on me to chase them away. If you need to dig holes in the backyard for gardening, I will always lend a helping paw. And most of all, if you ever need to relieve some stress or are in need of a doggy therapy session, I am more than happy to let you scratch my head. Just don’t stop!

2. Guinness (Yorkshire Terrier) – San Diego, CA

I am a proud San Diegan and always do my best to make a positive difference in my community. I love visiting seniors in their homes as well as the children at Rady Children’s hospital and other non-profits to help bring a bit of love to brighten their days. I am also part of Point Loma Neighborhood Watch program and take pride in keeping my community safe. Despite my small stature, I am fearless in staking out and reporting crime in the neighborhood. I love wearing my backpack full of goodies that I give out to my human friends to help spread love and happiness across the city!

3. Cashew (Mastiff) – Las Vegas, NV

I give a big smile to all who walk past me because I got a second chance at life. Last summer, I was featured on the local news after I was rescued from being dumped in the desert in triple digit temperatures by my previous owners. It was a scary time for me, but it was all made better by my new family and the community of human friends who helped bring me to safety and fund my medical care. I just celebrated my one year mark with my new family and I could not be happier! My mom makes sure to share photos of me on social media so that my followers can see how well I am doing. People thank my owners for rescuing me, but it truly took a village.

4. Branch (Hound Dog Mutt) – Dallas, TX

I am a very special dog that was rescued from a shelter after I had been adopted and returned many times for being too needy. But what my current parents noticed about me is that I actually have a great intuition for human emotions and feel them myself. My parents have helped me use my gifts by giving me the opportunity to spread cheer and bring love to those going through cancer. l happily dress up in pink and wear angel wings to share love and affection to communities across Dallas and help raise money and awareness for breast cancer. Thanks to my parents, I now know my calling and do my best to fulfill it every day.

5. Maggie (Terrier mix) – Austin, TX

I am a certified therapy dog who brings love and stress relief to everyone I meet. I visit with residents of an assisted living facility in town and also provide stress relief to inmates at our county’s correctional complex and local rehab hospital. I am also the unofficial therapy dog at my mom’s office and love spreading cheer to all my mom’s colleagues. Like many of the humans I meet, I am very friendly and resilient. Six years ago, I was surrendered by my original owner to a shelter and I didn’t know if I’d ever find a family to love me. Lucky for me, I was adopted and could not be happier with my new family.

6. Katie Bear (Pembroke Welsh Corgi) – Naples, FL

I am a Certified Therapy Dog with Therapy Dogs International. I have made over 350 documented visits to schools, nursing homes, and libraries, and currently visit NCH Hospital in Naples to spread love and affection. I was also part of the team of dogs who comforted the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombing when I lived in Massachusetts. That was a really scary time for everyone, but I did my best to shed some light in a time of darkness. I love making people feel better by sharing a big smile, a wet kiss, and, of course, a booty shake.

7. Seven (Shetland Sheepdog) – Baltimore, MD

I take pride in being the most sociable dog in the neighborhood. I especially love the neighborhood kids, and am thrilled when they come to play ball with me on their way home from school each day. I am also very fond of our UPS delivery drivers, especially our previous driver Jeff. Many dogs, myself included, would start celebrating when his truck was in the neighborhood because Jeff always brought the best treats. I would drag my dad out to Jeff’s truck to say hello and receive a treat, and as a thank you I’d give him a big kiss. I am also a “leaner.” When I see you, I will come up to you and lean into you looking for love.

8. Sasha (Shetland sheepdog) – Seattle, WA

My name is Sasha and I’m a trained and certified therapy dog. I have been trained to perform about 25 tricks, and I have competed in AKC agility competitions. For the past five years, I have been visiting my local Ronald McDonald house where I comfort children undergoing cancer treatments and other procedures at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Additionally, in my capacity as a therapy dog, I comfort elderly and memory care patients at Merrill Garden Assisted Living. I love bringing peace and happiness to everyone I meet.

9. Chloe Rockstar (Pitbull mix) – Los Angeles, CA

I participate in the reading to Children’s Program at neighborhood libraries. The children that participate in this program have academic or developmental issues, and it’s been proven that being able to rub and pet me calms them down and helps keep them focused. I sit right in the middle of the circle and get rubbed, pet, kissed, and loved, and I give them love right back. It’s a great experience for me, for the children, and my owner. I am always smiling when I’m there!

10. Rizzo (Siberian Husky) – Minneapolis, MN

I am gracious with every dog and every person I meet. I was a rescue myself and have helped my mom foster over 50 dogs and teach them how to be good dogs. I am also a registered therapy dog, and have been volunteering for a local hospice for the past seven years. I have comforted and cheered up people at the end of their life and have a knack for helping calm and relax those with dementia. At 13 and a half years, I am pretty old myself but I still go on walks twice a day in the neighborhood and help teach young human friends the best way to greet and pet a dog.

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