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San Jose neighbor finds ship drawings scattered on street, reconnects them with artist

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

One day, San Jose, CA neighbor Danielle G. was out for a walk in her neighborhood when she saw a big stack of papers tossed on the side of a busy road near her home. The regular passersby would perhaps take one quick glance at the stash and assume it was garbage that someone unfortunately littered.

Danielle was frustrated to see the trash, so in good neighbor fashion, she went over to pick it up. But when she looked at the debris up close, she realized she had happened upon someone’s treasure.

What she found was 40 beautiful prints of intricately-drawn ships. Confused but curious as to where they came from and why they were thrown out, Danielle turned to Nextdoor.

Danielle posted in her Nextdoor neighborhood to see if the drawings belonged to anyone. Members of the community were also curious as to the story behind the beautiful drawings and turned the post into a mystery hunt, tracking down the original artist and owner. The art was signed Campbell, but Danielle could not find anything online about him. Luckily, another neighbor chimed in and shared background on the artist and his gallery, whose name is James and is also a resident in their community.

Using this information, Danielle was able to track down James’ daughter and sent her a note saying she had the drawings. She was excited and surprised when she received a note back.


It turns out that James’ daughter was helping her dad sell his art online, so he was mailing the pieces to her so she could post them. He left them on top of the car and drove off, which is how they ended up scattered on the side of the road.

Danielle was able to successfully get the prints of art back to James. If it wasn’t for the determined neighbors on Nextdoor, the mystery would have never been solved and James may have never seen his artwork again. Case closed!

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