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Thieves steal $250 worth of Girl Scout cookies, neighbors rally together for a sweeter ending

Written by Nick Brinkerhoff

It’s the most wonderful time of year: Girl Scout Cookie season, where you can find droves of Girl Scouts across the country selling their irresistible cookies to raise money for their troops. Tagalongs, Samoas, and Do-si-dos are just a few of the types of cookies that Americans stock up on between January and March to keep their sweet tooths satisfied all year long.

Usually it’s a joyous time, where communities are more than happy to come together to help raise money for local Girl Scout troops. However, in a West Oak Cliff neighborhood in Dallas, TX, a group of thieves tried to bring down the spirit.

Sunny Smith was selling Girl Scout cookies on her street with her family, going door-to-door asking neighbors if they’d like to support her troop by buying cookies. While they were at the door at one of their neighbor’s houses, a car of thieves ran up and stole five cases of cookies totaling $250.

Immediately after realizing what had happened, Sunny’s mother Amy posted on Nextdoor to alert her neighbors about the disgraceful act.

Amy didn’t expect a response from neighbors, so when she opened her Nextdoor app the next day, she was overwhelmed when she saw over 80 Thanks and responses from neighbors wanting to help out. So many neighbors wanted to support Sunny that they decided to set up another stand a few days later. Many of the neighbors that responded to Amy’s alert stopped by and purchased cookies, totalling a few hundred dollars more than the $250 worth of cookies that were stolen. The extra money they raised went to sending Girl Scout cookies to American troops serving overseas so they can enjoy a taste of home even if they are out of the country.

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Photo courtesy of FOX 4 Dallas

When we spoke with Amy earlier this month, she was thankful for the outpouring support of neighbors on Nextdoor: “I will definitely be using Nextdoor more because posting about what happened proved to me what a powerful tool it is to communicate with your neighbors,” said Amy.

Although thieves attempted to sour Sunny’s sale, the outcome of this story is sweeter than a box of thin mints.


  • Thank you for sharing how the community to support this young lady. This shows that the majority is good and good always rises above the evil that is done.

  • It is so gratifying to know there are so many generous and concerned people willing to help in a situation that is so distasteful when young children are trying to do good. God Bless them for sending the extra cookies to our troops who will be so grateful to get a taste of home.

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