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Calling all neighbors: Vote now for your 2019 Neighborhood Favorites

Written by Annie Barco

Local businesses are at the heart of every strong community. Not only do they strengthen our local economies and bring charm to our neighborhoods, but they give us a space to gather with friends, family, and neighbors.

That’s why it’s important that we take the time to recognize the businesses that make our neighborhoods great. Today, we are excited to announce that voting is now open for our 2019 Neighborhood Favorite awards!

If you aren’t familiar with our annual Neighborhood Favorite awards, they are our way of recognizing the amazing local businesses across the country that help our neighborhoods thrive. Neighbors on Nextdoor have the opportunity to vote for their favorite businesses in over 30 categories including restaurants, farmer’s markets, coffee shops, bookstores, nail salons, and more.

Once the winning businesses are announced, every participating neighborhood will get a customized list of the Neighborhood Favorites in their community. You and your neighbors can use this list throughout the year to recall long-time favorites and discover new ones.

Don’t miss your chance to recognize the businesses you can’t live without! Here’s how to cast your vote:  

  1. Visit the Recommendations section on Nextdoor and click “Get Started” at the top.
  2. A survey will pop-up with the opportunity to vote for your favorite local business in over 30 member suggested categories. While we encourage you to vote for every category, you may skip any category by swiping left or clicking “Next category.”
  3. You can select an option from the pre-populated list of businesses, or search for the business you’d like to vote for if it’s not included. If you still can’t find the business you’d like to vote for, you can manually add a business by clicking “Don’t see it? Add business or individual.After selecting the business you want to vote for, you will see a bursting heart animation, which indicates that your vote has been cast.
  4. You can then leave an optional comment which will appear on that business’s Nextdoor Business Page, or move on to vote for the next category.

Note: Business owners who have claimed their free Business Page can see and respond to comments shared by neighbors. Although leaving a comment is not required to move on to the next voting category, it will double your vote if you choose to provide one.  

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Happy voting!

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