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Calling All Neighbors: Vote Now for Your 2019 Neighborhood Favorites

Written by Annie Barco

Update! The winners have been announced. Find yours at nextdoor.com/favorites.

Local businesses are at the heart of every strong community. Not only do they strengthen our local economies and bring charm to our neighborhoods, but they give us a space to gather with friends, family, and neighbors.

That’s why it’s important that we take the time to recognize the businesses that make our neighborhoods great. Today, we are excited to announce that voting is now open for our 2019 Neighborhood Favorite awards!

If you aren’t familiar with our annual Neighborhood Favorite awards, they are our way of recognizing the amazing local businesses across the country that help our neighborhoods thrive. Neighbors on Nextdoor have the opportunity to vote for their favorite businesses in over 30 categories including restaurants, farmer’s markets, coffee shops, bookstores, nail salons, and more.

Once the winning businesses are announced, every participating neighborhood will get a customized list of the Neighborhood Favorites in their community. You and your neighbors can use this list throughout the year to recall long-time favorites and discover new ones.

Don’t miss your chance to recognize the businesses you can’t live without! Here’s how to cast your vote:  

  1. Visit the Recommendations section on Nextdoor and click “Get Started” at the top.
  2. A survey will pop-up with the opportunity to vote for your favorite local business in over 30 member suggested categories. While we encourage you to vote for every category, you may skip any category by swiping left or clicking “Next category.”
  3. You can select an option from the pre-populated list of businesses, or search for the business you’d like to vote for if it’s not included. If you still can’t find the business you’d like to vote for, you can manually add a business by clicking “Don’t see it? Add business or individual.After selecting the business you want to vote for, you will see a bursting heart animation, which indicates that your vote has been cast.
  4. You can then leave an optional comment which will appear on that business’s Nextdoor Business Page, or move on to vote for the next category.

Note: Business owners who have claimed their free Business Page can see and respond to comments shared by neighbors. Although leaving a comment is not required to move on to the next voting category, it will double your vote if you choose to provide one.  

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Happy voting!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a new category to the Neighborhood Favorites survey?
The categories have been preselected based on the most commonly recommended and searched business types on Nextdoor. If there is a business category you’d like to vote for in the future or if your business’s category is not included, feel free to contact us to make a suggestion.

Can I vote for more than one business per category?
Neighbors can vote for only one business per category. Throughout the voting period, you may return to the survey at any time to change your vote. Selecting your favorite business counts as one vote, and you can double your vote by leaving a comment. Please note that leaving a comment is an optional step and can be skipped by clicking Next Category or swiping left. 

Do past recommendations count?
Only recommendations made during the voting period will be counted toward this year’s contest.

Note: This means that the 2019 Neighborhood Favorite winner might not be the business in your neighborhood with the highest number of recommendations, but they are sure to be a newly trending favorite.

Do I have to vote for a business in every category?

No. You are welcome to vote for as many categories as you’d like. Once you’ve selected your favorite business in a category, you can leave that category at any point and your vote will still count.

Return to that category at any time during the voting period to change your vote or continue voting for additional businesses.

Can businesses see which neighbors voted for them?

Businesses that have claimed their free Nextdoor Business Page can see how many votes they received from members, but they cannot see names associated with these votes. Businesses can, however, see comments that neighbors choose to share. A member’s full name will be included with their comment. Businesses can reply to these comments to further build their local reputation.


  • I love the idea of people voting for their preferred neighborhood business. However, I am the owner of a French restaurant and unfortunately my kinda of restaurant does not fit in any of the categories proposed. Maybe an ‘other restaurants’ category would help me and other businesses like me. Just sayin’ 😉

  • Great idea and article. I have voted on the favorites listed in my area, but I wonder how I might help to add a business category for my area next year? I am a general contractor and would love to see people vote on that business category, it was not listed as an option this year. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks

      • Like Debbie, I did not find as ist to vote or a place to enter my favorite business. I put it in a message but don’t see a response. I will keep looking.

  • We got more of an increase in our recommendations (written and hearts) in our neighborhood than any other agency and still did not win the neighborrhood/category trophy. This info is inaccurate and I cannot get anyone to help us via support/nextdoor. I have been tracking it since January and our little team should have been recognized. So frustrated.

  • This whole project is cumbersome and I don’t feel it is efficient for anyone. I spent an inordinate time just to find my favorite restaurant (Yannis Greek Restaurant, Seattle) & it took me 15 + minutes to just find it. I’m not going to go thru this whole process for other businesses, I do not feel this is for the businesses, ……..
    I would love to support my neighbors & support my favorite places, but this is not the way.
    Sorry, but, please fix this.

  • I like the idea of neighborhood awards. In our country, we don’t follow such a thing. I would recommend this to our shop councils. Thanks Annie!

  • I tried to use the other sites, but was unable to get past all the computer gobbledygook. Glad this is here. my absolute favorite in the area is Salon by Sara – in the shopping centers little bit West of HEB. Sara is very talented and hard working, as well as kind and helpful with time schedules, etc. I have been going to her for a couple of years now, and have never had a moment of unhappiness with any of her work. She truly deserves the support of all the Nextdoor Neighborhood folk! Her rates are very reasonable, as well.

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