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4 Simple Ideas to Create Stronger Neighborhoods in 2020 and Beyond

Written by Helen Lee

At Nextdoor, we see time and again that the strongest and most vibrant neighborhoods are fueled by neighbors who are connected and engaged. However, strong neighborhoods are hard to build if you don’t know your neighbor. According to Pew Research, 28% of Americans don’t know any neighbors by name and 29% know only some neighbors by name.

So take a bit of time this new year to connect with your neighbors and help build a stronger neighborhood. It just might be more fun than you expected! Here are a few ideas to get started…

Idea #1: Random Acts of Kindness

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Wally Richardson, El Dorado, CA

It’s pretty amazing how even a small act of kindness can make a huge impact on others. Try bringing in a neighbor’s cans next garbage day, shoveling their driveway after the next snowfall, or sharing some of that bumper crop of heirloom tomatoes. Some unique stories that have inspired us include WWII vet Wally from El Dorado Hills, CA who wakes up early each morning to give out fists bumps and positive affirmations to kids on the way to school and Mary from Seattle who started a “thank you thread” on Nextdoor, kicking off an outpouring of gratitude and thanks from neighbors.⁣ More stories of random acts of neighborly kindness here.

Idea #2: Get Social, From Online to IRL

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With social isolation and loneliness at an all-time high, getting to know your neighbors in real life might just be what the doctor ordered. Start by checking out Nextdoor Groups in your nearby neighborhoods for your next book club, running group, new moms community, or even dog lovers crew. These days, it’s more important than ever to find common ground and celebrate interests with the people who live closest to you. Learn more about how to get started with Nextdoor Groups.

Idea #3: Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness Plan

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In the event of a severe flood, earthquake, wildfire, or natural disaster, neighbors are often each other’s first responders. In fact, studies from FEMA show that 46% of individuals rely on people in their neighborhood for assistance within the first 72 hours after a disaster. Use these emergency preparedness tips with the help of your neighbors.

Idea #4: Just Say Hi

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The last idea is the simplest of all. Take a moment to chat with a neighbor who lives alone, introduce yourself to a neighbor you don’t know, or even simply wave to a neighbor passing by. The best friendships often start with a simple “hi, my name is…”

Ultimately, strong neighborhoods are built on trust – get to know neighbors you can rely on and in return let them rely on you. Got any other tips, ideas, or stories on getting to know your neighbors and building stronger communities? We’d love to hear in the comments below!

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  • These are all great ideas. We all need to practice the word LOAD Everyday. It Means LOVE ONE ANOTHER DAILY @ ITS FREE. If we loved one another each day, this country would be in a lot better shape. Love and Kindness is FREE. TRY IT AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. TY

    • LOVE the gift Jesus taught as His message on earth. Took me a few decades to finally begin to understand but the Light finally began to shine brighter & brighter.

      I am a smaller, older woman now, but I pray. If you have a prayer request, I wojld feel honored to pray for you and/or your needs.♥️

      • Am a cancer patient and appreciate all the prayers that are said on my behalf. Having you reach out has brought great joy. May God bless you in this new year.

        • 2 year breast cancer survivor. My mind is not the same. No one tells you how your mental status changes.

        • Jesus was freely sacrificed for more than our sins. He also gave us our healing. It we are healed in his name. We have to proclaim it everyday. Symptoms arise, but faith over comes. He gives knowledge to us help us. Healed miraculously, even if doctors are part of his plan. I suffered 23 years. On 11/26/2016 at 6:30am the Lord touched me. The pain was gone, and I never once had withdrawals from all the daily pain medication.

        • What a beautiful way to start the new year off. I feel inspired by the sentiments expressed here and will definitely pass them on.

        • Hi Virginia. I have had 3 separate cancers and bn treatments over last bn 6 years as well as knee replacement. Dont know anyone. So…hello! ????

        • Hello Virginia, I saw your note and thank YOU Virginia for blessing US in the New Year. You are already off to a good start in receiving your healing. While you are battling this enemy you have gone outside yourself to bless others. One of the biggest obstacles in any health issue is fear. It can actually prevent our healing or make our illness worse. I will stand with you ,as others I’m sure will too, in praying that you have all the tools to stand against fear. Take all thoughts captive. Besides strengthening yourself in the Word you might enjoy Andrew Wommacks..”God Wants you Well” and You Already Got IT.” You can listen in the archives on his site. AWMI to both of these. You might enjoy Dr. Caroline Leaf and her work on the Mind/Brain connection. Either way. I’m with you.

      • I agree Janet! We have a very small group that prays regularly- every Tuesday for Youth, daily for family community, church, government, individuals-as the Spirit leads-we are a house of prayer for the nations! The Bible also says to pray without ceasing! God is faithful and His mercy endures forever!

      • Hi Janet, would you please pray for my family? We have made a big transition recently and are looking to God for wisdom and guidance. I would also like to pray for you or anyone else who has a request. God bless, Ana

        • Thank you Ana for praying for others. I would like for you to add me and my family to your pray list. I was very ill this summer and still healing. I know I am only alive due to God’s healing powers through Jesus. Praise his name. Pray for continued healing and most of all for all my family members to be saved that aren’t. I know that are many needs in the family from health issues, financial issues and many other things. God bless you with all. I will pray for you too. Thank you. God bless. Sharon

      • Please pray for me that, God’s will be done in my life this year.
        I want God to have his way complete in my life, whatever it takes.

        • I will pray for you and please pray for me and my family as there is many things that God needs to help with in the way of salvation for some of them, financial for some of them and many, many health issues. Please let me know if there is anything specific you want me to pray for than what you said. Please pray for my health to continue to get better. God bless you in all areas of your life. Prayers, love and hugsss, Sharon

        • God wants us to be his friend,how? by reading the bible daily,God speaks to us through the pages of the bible ,James 4:8 says draw close to God and he will draw close to you.

      • I agree with you but unfortunately in this day and age people are too prejudice and automatically they stereotype because they don’t have the love of GOD in they’re hearts!

      • Thank you.You say decades to finally see the light. How? If you dont mind me asking.
        I am on my journey to discover God in an adult capacity. Last i had been to church , besides weddings or funerals, i was in grade school. I am struggling with a lot of demons. My parents being taken too soon, my son deciding he wants to live with his father, & the list continues. I have had out right screaming matches with God for these things & cant fix any of it. I am hurting so bad because my world has crumbled & it can not be rebuilt. If you dont mind, some advice is greatly needed.
        Thank you for your time.

        • God is not offended by your screams, after all you are acknowledging him. Christian is a way of life. Church is the people not a building. Just love one another.

      • I would like to pray with you for peace and also that the world will understand the threat of climate change

      • Morning! I would ask that you pray for me because I want God to show me my purpose in life. Thanks in advance .Have a blessed day!

      • Thank you miss Janet, I ask to please pray for my health, and that with the help of the Lord, I can get out of homelessness and from this, start my business.

        • Good morning. Roman or anyone else looking to start a business or find the path that you were created to do, I encourage you to sign up for the FREE job readiness class held at Christian Help starting February 17th. It is truly a life changing program and there are so many resources to help you succeed!
          For more information visit: or call Christian Help and ask to speak with Amanda!

        • It is wonderful to know that there are praying people out there and I can use all the prayers I can get for my health and for my family. We have had several deaths since Oct. and they continue on. These families all need prayer for this as there was mother and father that passed Mother day before Thanksgiving day and Father on Christmas day. Tragic for the kids. Then another couple lost their Father on Dec 15th and then their Mother on Jan 9th. Have many unspoken requests for my children, grandchildren for their souls to be saved. Thank you. Prayers for you too. Hugsss

      • Janet, now more than ever, our planet and the people of the world need your prayers. Thank you kindly for your prayers. I hope you are well and self Isolating in this time where our planet needs us to take time out and just be still. Kindest regards, Gloria from Sydney Australia.

    • Thank you… I try too, many times I feel like I am shunned! But I do have a circle of friends that are neighbors. Hint… even if you don’t like garage sales.. when I see one in my area… I’ll stop by and introduce myself.

      • I feel the same way but people have actually gone out of their way to make me and my family feel like we’re a problem ,
        True believers don’t judge, they’d know that their is only one judge

        • I. Know Exactly how you feel we have try to make Friends with our neighbors and introduce ourselves only to have some of them turn their back on us and walk away. And some of them would talk to us nicely only to turn their back and talk about us, not knowing that the neighbors they talk too about us are Long time friends of us, our Beautiful dog was poisoned when we first move here to this community, we later found out it was done by our next door neighbors, one of our neighbors that moved away told us before they left. They where witnesses but never said nothing didn’t want us to stressed, at that time we where going thru a hard time
          A death of a family member, we decided not to pressed charges do to they have small childrens but im pretty sure they will be reading this, and they know who they are, they have several dogs that barks all day and night but we decide to forgive and forget at present we have my son’s dog’s who are in the Marines and US navy. we keep the dogs inside and I’m with them at all times when i take them out,
          God sees Everything.

    • What an awesome post, Tommy. You are so right. Even keeping in touch with others through this site can be so helpful.

    • Yes these are all good ideas , but what happen to the good ole block party ? I live between rental properties , so those houses are always empty or occupied for 1 yr at a time . This time one was empty for 6 months and the other for nesrly a year . I dont expect either one to stay long . Stubbs acres is a good neighborhood , but way to many rentals

        • This is how our neighborhood used to be. Now as I read this is seems a little naive. In some areas, we have to be careful who we befriend. If this can work in your neighborhood, then go for it. It used to in mine, but now I it just seems a little flowery to me, since in many areas we have drug issues and lawless people renting. I do wish people would check on each other, but so many here are younger, it does not occur to them, and they have not been taught respect for elders.

      • Even a chance to make long life friends is valuable. They may need that greatly in their lives. They also may wish to stay.

    • I wave at my neighbor’s Everytime I see them out. I have stop when they are outside just to say hi
      If I like what they have done in their yard. I let them know I like it. A wave a stop to say is a good start to grow friendships.


    • Amen!! My husband & I get up every day with the plan to help or reach out to as many people as possible. Random acts of kindness go a very long way. Thank you for your comment & for “LOAD”. I have never heard that before but will definitely use it in the future.

    • Tommy thank you for your words of wisdom. Not only our country but the joy &
      happiness in our personal lives will also increase. This is exactly what the Bible
      call us to.

    • A lot happens when a person reaches out to others, especially a smile and kindness when
      someone needs to share something from their heart. Yes, Love thy neighbor as thyself and
      share some Joy and Peace in 2020

    • I have a good time with my neighbors and we can count on each other and it makes life easier and a lot better. Enjoy living in this neighborhood and am so thankful to be here. Kindness goes so far…and takes so little effort.

    • I agree. I try everyday to be friendly to as many people as I can. A smile and wave goes a long way also. SMILE it’s contagious!!

      • I love ❤️ all what everyone
        Did by prayer ?? and I do pray for all my neighbors and wave to them, but that is not enough. This is just a suggestion, can we find a little center where we can gather and shake hands and hugs each other? Having things such as potluck and cooking and seeing our neighbors face to face would carry more weight.
        Thanks ??

    • Amen. It takes such little effort to smile or wave to someone and could just make someone’s day that may be feeling a little low. Thanks for the suggestion. Am definitely going to work on it this new year.

    • To Tommy, Laura, Linda, and others of big hearts,
      In a few week I will reach 77-young in age. For many years it has been my practice to shovel snow off sidewalks alley to alley on my S. Monroe St. (my snow shovel takes no gas, no batteries, and starts working whenever I decide it time to get to work). We have, and had, neighbors retired, limiting disabilities, or just do not always get around to getting the job snow removal task done. I consider this helping neighbors a positive thing of helping and sharing. Acts of kindness are always free…free to warm the hearts of the giver as well as the receiver. Try reaching out to someone daily. Little tasks of love add up to mountains of appreciation and gratification – giving of oneself to the need of others.
      I also encourage others to get out and exercise regardless of age. My passion seems to be 5-7 mile walks about the edges of Tiffin. Great exercise, very good for the ticker and muscle tone. Just strive to be mentally and physically active for your own good health even on those days you just do not feel you want to climb out of bed. Can we all say AMEN?

      • Thank you for your post. Your words ring true! I “have gone out of my way” especially with shovelling snow. It’s what you said about, not wanting to get out of bed some mornings that hits home with me. Their are times (perhaps seasonal depression) that I feel like life could slow to a stop and I force myself to leave the house. I always feel better getting out I’m glad to hear such words of encouragement!

        • I agree on everything that has been said (especially on Seasonal Depression). Michigan has a high level of people depressed b/c the sun only shines 1/3 of the year which is (depressing just thinking about) but a smile and a wave is a sunshine all in itself and it always makes my sunshine !!

    • I totally agree with all the suggestions, and will do all I can follow them. Hopefully, all my neighbors will do the same.

    • A conversation of great concern was put up yesterday by a member and was being discussed yesterday and today you voted it the #1 conversation just after your leads deleted the whole conversation with no explanation to the membership as to why? What is going on! We need help here!

    • AWESOME Reminder of what neighbors are supposed to be. The world and the community would be a better place if we learned to love and respect each other. ???

    • My Glacier Village is a volunteer organization that assists the elderly. I was so involved in caring for my aunt; when she passed away I needed something to help me with my file time. When I heard about My Glacier Village I signed up. This is a good way to show LOVE.

      • Hi Grace Can you give me additional information on glacier village? Can you send me their phone number or website
        Where are they located?

    • Great! At first I thought you had misspelled the word LOAD meaning LIVE! But then I saw the explanation not the word LOA, and I think it is beautiful! Thank you!

    • Thank you! This is one of my missions I this world since 3 years ago: practice Unconditional Love and Forgiveness
      As a Life Coach I see the side effects when we go against these principles of life.

    • I am from Puerto Rico. 80 years young. In our culture doors are open for the most part of the day. I noticed when we established residence in Ohio that here is different. Here is what I have bien doing for the past twelve years. Every mother’s, father’s, Thanksgiving, Valentine, X-mas Eve I put a greeting card at my neighbor’s porch. Seventeen in all. We also share with them our traditional dishes. Cost of each card? Four pennies. The response? Dramatic. We live in a great neighborhood.

    • I just need to re-empathize the random acts of kindness! Notice the people around you! Smile! Help with extra bags! I have had so many wonderful, helpful encounters despite not speaking their language well!

    • Love this, Tommy! Thank you for sharing- a great way to remember put more loving kindness into the world.

    • Love that Tommy will remember to practice that word everyday. LOAD!!! Love and kindness every day!!! Thanks

    • Tommy I totally agree!!
      I was fortunate enough to be raised close to my Great Grandparents and I was taught by their actions how important it is to be a great neighbor, and it was so awesome
      I wish that is how this world would be today. Everyone helping each other and checking on one another etc…
      I really miss that.

    • What a beautiful way to start the new off. I feel inspired by the sentiments expressed here and will definitely pass them on.

    • What a beautiful way to start the new year off. I feel inspired by the sentiments expressed here and will definitely pass them on.

    • i love these suggestions. I love that nextdoor tries to bring the community together with a forum. I hope Nextdoor doesnt turn into a place for people to vent their private grievances. Traffic issues are public health and safety issues. Complaining that someones dog has done his business on your person lawn is not a public issue. I hope Nextdoor doesnt become Facebook of negativity. Its so valuable.


    • Be a part of BCC-Bridge Community Church – meet neighbors all over the island, enjoy planned activities or visit after church – refreshments.

    • Me and my husband rob just moved to the neighborhood. We are slowly meeting our neighbors. Have found that we live in a fairly quiet place. We have many military here active and retired. We are looking forward to meeting a lot more neighbors. And enjoying the Florida life style.

    • I am Earlene Smith my husband is temporally in a nursing home till he recovers. I can barely walk but someone takes me into see him occasionally her name is Heather Whitman. She is my daughter. Because she has a child care in the day I don’t see her very much. I can barely walk and worry if I fall on the floor I can’t get up. Heather has a child care most days. I try hard but can barely walk. If you ever see me fall outside please help me to get up. I appreciate it. I live at the en of this street, still in this development. through for reading. I lived here for like 19 years. I hate being alone but have no choice. Thank you for reading this.

        • What is your street address, so I can check on you both periodically. I love to help strangers and want to be ready to assist when you need me. Phil Streetman

      • Earlene, I live in Hampton Va. Recently moved in this neighborhood about 6 months ago. Are you living anywhere near me? If you are, I would be happy to help you. I retired 10 years ago from nursing and I miss contact with people. If you will answer me and tell me where you are, I will try to help you. 757 – 728-1620

      • Hello. I’m a CNA and would love to help as much as i can. If you need help just let me know. I also can come check on you during the day.

    • I see what you did there. Love One Another Daily (LOAD).

      You can take a LOAD off by putting a LOAD on.

    • Love is the exception of the heart to share freely we all have more love to give and the more we give the more we receive, we will never run out of love.! Happy New year wish everyone the best.

    • I practice this on a daily basis and I’m constantly being scolded by my wife she’s says I’m to nice to people. Now I’m starting to see why. I’ve been taken advantage of and used by the people I’ve tried to love in a Christian like manner as Jesus taught us to do. I give up . I’m tired of ending up on the short end of things!

      • Don’t give up, Freddie! It’s people like you who are nice to others that make us all feel better! You’re not being nice in vain, believe me. If more people were as nice as you are, it would certainly be a nicer world.

  • This is my first visit to this blog. As a Founding Lead for my ND Hood I look forward to participating. Happy New Year everyone.

  • Your points are tried and tested in my Block ,we know our Neighbors personally ,their extended family members and friends ,we share emergency contacts ,check in when we don’t see a senior for awhile that lives alone ,we share services to each other ,babysitting ,house sitting ,pick up groceries ,mail etc. gardening ,cooking ,reading ,anything we can do .I see my Neighbors as my precious extended family .I have GREAT NEIGHBORS ,I KNOW I DO ,I KNOW MY NEIGHBORS . ,

  • Thanks so much for this article! We downsized about 6 months ago to a small area where there are mostly older retired people and a few younger people who don’t socialize.
    I’m a social person and have been depressed by this move; now I know why. I’m thinking about inviting these neighbors in on a Tuesday afternoon (my day off) just to get to know them.

    • Our family hosts a monthly game night in our home. We post it on nextdoor. We’ve met lots of neighbors, & made some good friends.

      • That’s such a great idea! Knowing your neighbors is so extremely important. Not only to make new friends but to watch out for one another. We all have to live in close proximity so there really isn’t an excuse to not know your neighbors. I had a major medical emergency in august and if it hadn’t been for my neighbor coming home when he did (found me unconscious in backyard) I was told I would of died. So you never know when you’ll need help, a friendly get together, or simply just being there for someone in your neighborhood!

    • I know how you feel ,I moved here for my kids are here..They have their life and are busy working. So here I am trying to socialize and its hard !

    • I too moved to a neighborhood where I knew no one and felt in the first two years that I could have died inside my home and no one would have known until my body notified the neighbors by the odor I gave off that finally went beyond the walls. I made a change in my actions and am bow acquainted and love my neighbors and community.

    • Oh, please do it! It always feels so good to reach out to others and feel them respond! Many Blessings in the New Year.

    • Hi Robin, I’d love to get to know you. I live in Roselle off Rodenberg. Would you like to meet for coffee or ice cream?

    • I hope I am one of your neighbors, because I can barely get a “hi” out of the people walking their dogs down our street. I would love to meet a friendly neighbor & socialize… it’s difficult being older & disabled… but I have not found anyone in my neighborhood who really cares… however, I will not give up! I will talk to myself if no one else desires to listen! Lol!

    • Thank you. I agree with you. I’m feeling the same way.:-( feeling alone. This generation is ? no more socialization. Everyone is so busy and in a hurry. So involved in their CELL Phone ?! Media portrays Fear in people:-(. Trust, Love , kindness, caring is still needed.
      God bless you

    • Robin, walking around the neighborhood is a great way to see and say “hi” to people, plus it’s great exercise. I’ve met many people that way. Good Luck!

    • Happy New Years Robin, I would love to get to know you and would be very happy to accept your invite. My name is Valarie and would enjoyed getting to know my neighbors too.

    • Robin,
      You got the concept.
      That is what they were talking about when they said it is more blessed to give than to receive.
      I bet you will enjoy the get together the most.
      You go girl!

    • Hi Robin, my husband and I are both retired and live on Ivy Rd. We babysit our 14 month old Great-granddaughter Monday – Friday. Shes such a blessing.. You can send me a message on my Facebook, text or call me. We can take a walk if the weather is good. Please don’t get depressed she can lift your spirits. I can be available if you want someone to do something with. My husband can watch the baby. I like to go thrift shopping, play Bingo every now and then and I sell on eBay. 252-531-3541. I have 3 grown children, 4 Grandchildren and 1 Great Granddaughter. I’m about to turn 62 on Jan.20th.

      • I often feel the same way and it is a very hard situation. No one in my area reaches out to help even when they may notice you can use a hand.
        What area do you live in?

    • Looking forward to making ñew friends. Have lived here for almost 20 years and it’s difficult to make new friends.

    • Hi robin my name is Maisha I am a stay at home mom that also a grandmother that takes care of her grandchildren during the day so my 3 daughters can work I just wanted to say hi and maybe one day we can meet

    • When someone moves into my neighborhood, I invite all the neighbors on our block for coffee. Sometimes, I have to make it on a day that isn’t so great for me, so I can accommodate the new neighbor. That is fine. We have older AND younger people on our block. Such fun! If we have laughed together, we are more likely to watch out for each other! I offer coffee. Someone always brings goodies. Even the men have begun to come, if they are retired. A really funny experience, was 2 men started talking at coffee. They had played softball together for YEARS. Guess what?! Neither knew the other lived one block and 2 houses away!!!

    • I am a not too recently retired nurse and pastor. I am an extrovert but unable to drive, so my social life is limited to family events and church activities.
      I wish I had more opportunities to be with people and would love to visit (if you wouldn’t mind an “old” lady with a young spirit and heart).
      Please tell me you live close to Petersburg, WV!!

  • Thank you Helen for a wonderful common sense advice! (A companionship indoors is especially great in extreme bad weather!). I live on a very large floor of a large building for over 30 years and have a nice “hello, how are you today” relationship with ONLY ONE NEIGHBOR!!! Some of them don’t even look at your eyes when passing by on the floor. I’m always sorry the management discontinued a program where they announced the arrival of a new neighbor to the floor and suggested we go and tell them “hello”. I wonder what others think of this management’s program? Should it be reinstated? Should other buildings start it? :o)

    • Adela, that is definitely too bad that the program was discontinued.
      This type of program is used in many large commercial office buildings with some success, but really needs to be used in apartments or other types of buildings where people are there to live.
      Being socially active with others is one of the best ways to not feel alone, to stay out of depression, and even to minimize or retard Alzheimer’s.

    • Do it!! My neighbors meet for lunch or dinner about once a month. So many work that dinner increases attendance.
      My sister lives in a huge 2 building apartment complex in Manhattan, with a huge, spectacular garden between the 2 buildings. Being NY, they can’t have washers and dryers in their apartment.Her neighbors make friends in the laundry room.
      Maxine Schwartzman

    • You can put up a note in the hall inviting you building, or just your floor, to a monthly social. That’s what I started in my building. I’m in my 70’s, but much to my surprise, the 20’s and 30’s are eager to talk to me. If I ask “How was your day?” they go into great detail. ?

    • I live in an almost empty building on 3rd ave. 3rd ave is not condusive to block-friendliness because it’s not a block. I do know my next- door neighbors and the super. and the restaurant workers and store workers.

  • Hi Helen,

    Happy New Year! Thank you for the tips. With the world changes so much we need to know our neighbors. I will reach out to my area and see if anyone would like to have a meet and greet.

  • Hello Nextdoor – Neighborhoods,

    Since Nextdoor is a Nationwide phenomenon, you, me us dealing with many different, situations.
    A Neighborhood in a big city, Neighborhood in a small city, or a Neighborhood where is the city is just one Neighborhood.

    Napa Valley California, City of St Helena where Nexdoor is Our Community Forum and Our Library is
    Our Community Center, where we can see, talk to and observe the people of our Neighborhood.
    Observe, Reflect, Contemplate, and Understand.

    Because of this we are Just One of a Kind, One Happy? Neighborhood.

    Nextdoor, opened up an arena we can introduce Sujects of Mutual Interest, in the Interest of The Betterments of our Community.

    Please view our activities of our community.

    Ferenc Brunner, St Helena

    • These suggestions are great !!!especially in times where talking to each other and listening well is becoming rare !!!
      The earlier days of people knowing each other was what made America strong!!we are. so fragmented and isolated in many ways!!!
      I think these forums can be most helpful for alerting each other of problems occurring as well.
      When the power goes out/and other basic resources are not there for us we will need to help each other through those times…a simple smile and a hello goes a long way!!

  • Ok
    Reluctant to toss this out. But will give it one try. Anyone think a Christain Book/Bible study would be a good thing for bringing some people together. Sure it may be a possibility some would like it and some would not. Could be some that are curious and this year may be time to focus 20/20 idk

  • I’m apart of a community organization that helps out doing different things as in feeding the less fortunate. If you know someone who is willing to assist me in doing things like this please contact me through here. Private message me please. We do need volunteers willing to work!

  • Greetings! I am your neighbor and I am here to help you if you need it. If you need someone to talk to or take a walk with or someone to go pick you up a few groceries because you are not feeling well…I am here. Last year I had moved across the country for work and became very ill from the mold and pollen in Indiana. I had no friends or family there and had to hire help including a dog walker. It was terrible to be sick and alone. Eventually a couple of ladies from work started showing up at my home with groceries and friendship. It saved my life. I am happy to repay this kindness. I will be doing this for money on (Anne R) – already have my background check complete and so on but listen, I will do this for free for my neighbors especially because I want to help build a strong, loving community. Feel free to check out my background check if you like – it is 100% clean & clear. Also I have local reference – I have 13+ yrs living in this area and know people/friends for 30+ yrs.

  • Thank you Tommy for starting this thread! Some great ideas and acts of love! Lets all keep up the good labors!!

  • Thank you all for doing this,that in itself is already an act of kindness . I am a very depressive person and my own kids think I am negative and toxic,and I’ve isolated my self from others for several days at different times in my worst days,even at work I make it very obvious at lunch time and prefer to be alone.
    I do not know are you going to feel about me and my message all I want to say is that I admire all those cheerful kind would who make the sun to shine even in rainy cloudy or stormy days at a gloomy neighborhood. All my respect to the beautiful energetic neighbors who are starting to make it happen believe me, your kind ideas to help others are already rejoicing Jehova God’s heart further more,you all are already glorifying His beautiful name.(Proverbs 27:11)

  • You’re invited to BCC – the island church – Bridge Community – Ladies Brunch day once a month – second saturday during school months…a ladies ‘tea’ in June just like the old days with hats, gloves, dresses and tea sandwiches and TEA. A speaker afterwards and then helpers clean up. Be my guest, our guests, bring someone…invite one of those non-sociables. I can give you or send you a copy of the flyer we make for each month. Most months we have morning brunch and afterwards a share time—starts 10:00am – 12:00 – – at least 30 or more come monthly and special times – up to 80. Christmas is “crazy sock exchange” after brunch…most fun. Come, yes you can, come. JB

  • We live in a Gated community 22 Miles SE of Sacramento. One day my husband (who is 84) was raking the leaves from our back yard to the front. Two 11 year old boys came up to him and said, “Thank you for your service”. He did not even has his Navy hat on. About 5 minutes later his father and mother came with a rake and blower. When they finished getting all into bags to be set out the father told us he had just been reading to the boys about World II and said, “Lets go find a Veteran we can help”. Since that time they have given us a Christmas Wreath for our door and a bottle of wine (which he said was our Christmas present but he didn’t have time to wrap it. We were so blessed by there thoughtfulness there is no way we can return their “kindness” except with LOVE.
    Another act of kindness two days before than we were in Walmart. This older woman came up to us 3 different times and patted my husband’s arm and said, “You’re my Hero”. He was in the electric shopping cart and had his Navy cap on. When we got ready to check out she said let me find you the shortest line. When we went to pay our almost $200 purchase the checker said it had already been paid for. We were both crying and the checker said, “Someone tell a joke so we can get them to stop crying. We found out that “Bertha” had paid it and her comment was, “Pay It Forward” which we have. Found out she has 2 daughters an 2 sons that were all in different Military units for 20 years and have all retired. Saw her another time in Walmart and was able to get her name and address. We will definitely keep in touch with her and see what we can help her with her “Pay It Forward”.
    We are also blessed in many ways with our neighbors but will save that for another time.

  • I think your idea is a great one and I’m sure it will lead to some fabulous introductions! Good luck.?????

  • I don’t live here full time and I just found this information about the neighborhood. I’d like to join but evidently the code expired. I only come here for three days a couple times a month and I come alone with my dog. I’d love to meet some neighbors. I love the community and have had my house for 30 years. My phone number is +16505808131 if anyone is interested in meeting me

  • I love this app ! Since I found out about it I tell everyone about it. So many people still do not know about this app . It is a great way to connect with your neighbors for sure. I love it !

  • When a new neighborhood starts with strong leadership, honesty ,transparency and trust, that’s
    a strong foundation to build on.

    Without the above,you’ll have a crewless ship that will never reach por !!!

    Cheers, happy New Year it’s going to fantastic

  • I love the ideas to connect with neighbors. It’s a great way to build a thriving, happy community. Gives us a sense of stability and friendship that actually benefits our overall health. Great post. Thank you!

  • Hello neighbors, I am first visit here. I am a realtor@ work with Keller Williams realty now, also I was a supervisor Registered Nurse 20 years before. I like to help people, So please contact me if anyone need help! I will always be here.

  • I saw the interview prior to the Rose Parade, where they were interviewing the owner of Wilson Creek. They asked her what she liked about Temecula and the reply was…The friendliness! I found that to be so true after living here for 30 years. We just lost our 99 year old neighbor yesterday. He was our favorite and we all brought him dinner, desserts, etc. and enjoyed our visits with him and would listen to his stories of life and history. He was as sharp as a tack up until he died. We are 2 blocks long, but we all know, help when we see the need and feel like we are all part of a family. I often wish someone would come up with an idea of a group growing together to start making people aware we need to reach other and help those people in need and show other people what we are doing to make this world a better place and they can do it as well. We are only here for a short while and how rewarding it is to know you helped your fellowman and letting them know there are people all around you that care about you..Just my take….Paula

  • Great message and great comments.

    I would like to add a totally sure way of building a Neighborhood.

    And that would very easy by incorporating OBMG Neighborhoods with your Neighborhood.

    OBMG will definitely bring the members of your Neighborhood together because they will be working with each other. Please check it out, we think you will really like OBMG.

  • I have invited people in to play cards,scrabble, or dominoes and am trying to get a shuffleboard club started.

  • Thanks good article. Smile more, complain less and get to know people by their first name. Happy New Year everyone !

  • Great ideas. Here’s another one.
    Have block parties where everyone brings food to share, preferably ethnic if possible.
    Or a Progressive Dinner or Lunch. What that means is that one home serves the appetizer, the next one perhaps a salad or whatever would be next in your community, the next one the main course or courses, the next one the dessert.
    Obviously this can be varied according to the norm in your area.
    And, of course, drinks are provided at each of the homes, or wherever, perhaps including a separate home after the desserts.
    Various types of games can be played after eating to get people to know each other better.

  • I live in Pilot Forest, Alachua, Fl. Would love to meet new neighbors. If we all did this what a great world this would be.

  • There is a senior couple in Ashley Estates that need some assistance with various things. If anyone would like to discuss specifics, I would be glad to share since I know they are in agreement with my reaching out on their behalf. (654-5461)

  • Dont think that will work with a neighbor like me,I am a person whom all my life is a loner.Dont do people at all.The best way for them to know me is not to know me.I have my life and dont want or need other people in it.To each his own ,I say.

  • I am not very good with remembering names but I always remember the faces of the people who live in my area plus I notice when different cars show up especially the ones with single plates and Uber/Lyft tags or appear to be “contractor “ vehicles. Just this morning, a woman who I occasionally see when I use the bus, stopped me to say hello while I was taking my daily walk. Even if I don’t say hello I always try to look people in the eye when I pass them in the street while out and sometimes eventually they might exchange greetings if we have seen each other multiple times. I may not know personally everyone on my block but I do recognize them and greet them in passing.

  • So sad that one neighbor doesn’t allow anyone on his property, the other side of me is occupied by a family moving because they rent from a slum lord who refuses to repair the property. The next house is visited regularly by police as is the one beside that. Yesterday we observed someone dash from between two houses, snatch something from a mailbox then disappear between the two houses again. There were three of us on my porch and we each saw what happened, but we honestly don’t know if it was a crime! It could have been the home owner in a hurry then remembering that he didn’t want to leave the package in the box while he was away, and dashing back to take it with him… He seemed unconcerned that three of us saw him… No, this is not a neighborhood where one knocks on a door to introduce themselves. As I say, it’s sad. i LOVE what Helen has proposed.

  • I have used the nextdoor app for so many things. I have donated clothes to a nearby neighbor that needed things for a benefit garage sale to help with cancer bills for her family. I also found a seasonal job where some kind couple in another city about 20 minutes from me gave me and my son a yard cleaning job in their own yard just so we could have some Christmas. And we still keep in touch. I also found another seasonal job by a very sweet lady here in my own town but in another neighborhood. She told me about the job and got me hired right then. Thank you Charla Kellar of Burleson Tx. God bless you.

  • I love to read Duck Creek Next Door daily & know what is going around our neighborhood. Also work with Richardson Police. Thanks so much for sharing. Bless you all & have a great new year 2020. Loving, PAC

  • With us individuals born back in 1950-1980’s, I can say that things were much nicer back in those days. Everyone wasn’t always too busy to socialize. We always had at least a smile, and a shoutout to each other to greet our neighbours. If we saw they needed some help with anything, we were always happy to help. I brought my children, and grandchildren up that way. It seems to have started dying off as my grandchildren got older. Share the love and caring with each other. Invite them to go to church with you, and ask them to lunch afterwards. They may not have a church family yet.

  • We relocated from OK in 2018 for retirement and to be closer to our son, but even being closer than 1300 miles he is still a 2.5 hr drive from the DC area. We are on O2 24/7and I go out 2x daily for food since we can not cook anything in the house because of the fumes or smells from cooking, it takes our breath away.
    I’m not sure how much longer I will be able to do this and If I go before my wife then she will have no-one to bring food to the house. It would be great if people in our small SD were more social and I’m blaming myself for this, but going out for any period of time is exhausting even with my portable 02 equipment.

  • In Newport, WA area called Spring Ridge EST. off of Spring Valley Rd one of the neighbors decided to make a list of all the residents that reside in this particular neighborhood. You don’t have to participate but most of us do. You have your cell phone, address, emails & spouses name. So when something happens which it has: break-ins to sheds ,no homes yet, an email goes out to all of us.

  • I am 90 and I certainly have enjoyed the help of my neighbors. “Back in my day” we interfaced with all of our neighbors and now we are doing it again…that is good.

  • Great work! I work at Christian Help and we are looking for VOLUNTEERS to sort donations and assist in our Career Closets. We are also looking for business who need volunteers. At times we are unable to work with all the individuals who want to volunteer, but they want to give back to the community REGULARLY. These individuals may be ones who collect a disability check, and will lose their check if they work a paid job, although they want to be productive members of their community. Please contact Amanda at Christian Help for more info. 304-296-0221
    Also, if you spent too much this past Christmas, we have a FREE one day budgeting seminar from 9am to 2:30pm, SNACKS AND LUNCH provided! Please register below at our website:
    Space is limited!

  • Next Door is great, meeting and greeting other families in our neighborhoods is essential for growth and understanding.

  • If you think the decline of communities was accidental, think not. The decline of each and every community was on purpose and designed to happen. It’s all part of their plan to keep us apart from others and the knowledge what is really going on. The further a community gets from itself the less resources we each have. I say we all fight this Evil plan and come back together, work to strengthen each other. It’s not just a gift that help others It is a gift that helps each one of us. When we help others we are helping ourselves. Strong communities are the back bone of America values. It’s time we get back to the American values we all know and Love.

  • i am one of the unfortunate people who doesn’t have a relationship with my neighbors. It hasn’t been because a lack of trying. I have introduced myself and offered to help them if needed it, even offered my lawn mower. Still nothing. They don’t even want to make eye contact, and when they do, they quickly turn their head. I just don’t get it, your neighbors are your best allies if a fire or robbery happens. People here are very unfriendly and it’s sad.

  • Happy New Year. I go back to work Monday the 6th. I haven’t done any of the above activities during my time off but to smile and wave a few times and I’m born/raised in the south. I appreciate the reminders to get out and say hello and meet a couple more neighbors. Please keep posting articles like this as a “gentle” reminder for people like me.

  • I volunteer with Meals on Wheels 3 days a week. There is no entertainment that has comparable satisfaction to seeing the smiles on the recipients faces. The visit and knowing someone cares enough to deliver hot meals makes them feel appreciated. Contact The DuPage Senior Citizens Council 630-620-0804 to find out about becoming a volunteer; or if you know of a neighbor that is home bound let that person know about “Meals on Wheels”. It will make you feel good.

  • Thanks Helen for your great ideas and all how have commented. In Las Vegas the City has set up Neighborhood Associations where neighbors can meet and discuss what they would like to see in their neighborhood. In Vegas we have some issues, like taggers, home invasions, robbery and burglary as well as car/truck thieves and domestic violence. They are in every neighborhood. The more neighbors we know the more people will look out for one another. If you want to set up a Neighborhood Association call the City and/or your Ward Councilman/woman and they can help.

    They also provide grants to Neighborhood Association for graffiti removal, cleaning up a house that has gone into disrepair, beautification programs, etc.

    Also there are Neighborhood Watch Programs. All you have to do it contact the Metro Area Command for your ares. They will help all neighbors set it up, elect or appoint block captains. However, the one thing Metro does not do is communicate issues and emergencies to the block captains when they are happening and I believe they should because when something happens everyone calls the block captain who should know what is going on but doesn’t have a clue. You will have to purchase Neighborhood Watch signs for each block area and they will install them..

    Unfortunately all neighborhoods may have some criminals living right in their neighborhood and you don’t know it until something happens. Again it would be most helpful if Metro would communicate what they know with the Associations and Block Captains.

  • Happy New Year Neighbors,

    Such a great Idea to get to know ur neighbors. We are here to be a

    a blessing to one another. I’m going to church with one of my neighbors

    tomorrow. P.S anyone need a hospital bed.

  • This is my first visit to this blog. As a Founding Lead for my DOVER DE HICKORYDALE DR I look forward to participating. Happy New Year everyone.

  • hi everyone. I like all of your comments. I recently moved from Citrus Heights to Folsom California. My neighbors pretty much keep to themselves even though I’ve tried to reach out to a couple of them.

    I’m an older semi retired guy living alone and it sure would be nice to socialize with my neighbors.

    Thanks again for your comments. Take care

  • Hi

    I will aways have your back. Yes look me up on the internet. I loved my Tabs ( 19 years old ). QVA took my Tiger…… I will stand strong as an animal rescue volunteer from Pomona NY….. just ask…… This hurts to tell. But I have no shame….

  • This site can be the greatest source of ON YOUR STREET information and a great place to connect with everyone else in your community. Use it to connect and not to preach or belittle anyone. Enjoy your conversations with everyone and try to have something useful to contribute.

  • I love people I would help anyone. Looking out for each other and share Gods love is very important in this life we live in. I often hear blessings that neighbor do for people when ones sick. Or the elderly whom often need help.

  • It is sad that so few neighbors know each other these days. I know the names of one couple on my street and I have lived here for 27 years and they have lived here even longer. Want to know the only reason I know them? They are my oldest granddaughters other set of grandparents. I know the name of the elderly man across the street because he used to help us with yard work, but he is unable to do that anymore. When I was growing up in the 1950’s and 60’s we knew everyone in the neighborhood. People had block parties. Mothers looked out for ALL of the kids, not just hers. I don’t have any ideas of how we return to being friendly to our neighbors. I wave and speak, but most don’t return the wave or speak.

  • Decades ago, I read a sentence on the Baltimore Sun: It reads

    The root of American disease is loneliness.

    A strong neighborhood will certainly alleviate the loneliness many neighbors are feeling.

  • Wonderful and inspiring thoughts. I am a neighbor, living in Huron Village. I recently published a children’s book, Milo Meander, which promotes the connection of neighbors. I would love to see it in the hands of as many young readers as possible. Phil Miller,

  • Good afternoon
    I live in the neighborhood last 6 years.
    I am a Realtor in Woodside and sunnyside area, working with Wagner and Kelly real estate last 17 plus years

    Please advise if any body needs help

    Hoque morshed

  • Please read my Thanksgiving day post. Where were the random acts of kindness on Cow Pen Hill that day? His name was Mike and he was on his way have Thanksgiving dinner with his grandmother who must be one fine woman.
    What were the 10 or more individuals, couples and families who passed me by thinking? I suspect it was “not my problem”. It has been my honor to practice random acts of kindness forever. My parents taught me well.
    I hope my neighbors read your suggestions and that my once caring neighborhood profits from your words.

  • I love this app! It is a good way to stay on top of crime and make preventative measures. I have never felt so part of a neighborhood in my life. This is the real meaning of being a “neighbor”.

  • I’d be very interested in coordinating a volunteer program for the many shut ins we have on our neighborhood, to provide low cost or free service for small Oddjobs within the community. The problem is many are not tech savvy and do not know of the neighborhood app connection, this would need to be achieved through the mail or phone calls or by folks on the app reaching out regularly to their elderly neighbors as mentioned in this thread. Any suggestions on how to make this presence known to these folks and recruiting those willing to make their skills available to those in need?

  • We all need to read this. I believe if we spoke to each other and attempt to talk to each other, there will be less hate. I like sharing my plants with neighbors who ask about a plant. Gardening is a great way to make friends and make your neighborhood prettier.

  • We need a meeting place where the community can get together and fellowship and tell stories, and maybe sing some songs together or play folk or gospel music . Someone may even want to start a Bible study.

  • My neighborhood use to be good. I’ve lived in my home for 40 years. Unfortunately, my neighborhood is full of rental homes with tenants that don’t know how to act, nor take care of the yard.

  • So many great ideas! Definitely smart way of thinking to help each other and this works both ways to help yourself too to not feel lonely and helpless in your community.
    Thank you for your post!

  • Great article.

    Community Watch is another great place to start , question do you even know your next door neighbor. What they do or anything about them or have you even ever talked to them. We sometimes forget that if we look after each other we will have a safer neighborhood and build integrity and friendship with that person. This program works Community Policing. Know who lives in your neighborhood and who they are . Bottom line take care of each other.. See Something Say Something

  • I just happened to read this today… I totally agree with it! It’s way too easy to get involved in your own life and never say anything to anyone. So hello everyone! I live at 1041 Valley View Farms.

  • I lived in my neighborhood 20 years and I know two of my neighbors I would like to get to know more especially in today’s environment it’s important that we can lean on each other and help each other in need.

  • I attended a church many years ago and the same idea can be applied to smaller groups and communities. Everyone interested can meet in a central location to make initial plans. From there, you meet again and go in family groups to each other’s home where each home will provide a course for a meal. The first family will have the appetizer, the next will provide the salad or veggies and so on. Each time you do this; switch families around so everyone gets to know each other. If a family can’t afford to participate in meals, they are still invited. That family may surprise you and have other skills they can help out with once you all get to know each other.


    Great Stuff to hear , I agree for the most part , Just food for thought , We can’t give up on each other greetings ? With today
    Up & running ! Sometimes it takes a little but a smile can go along way aswell a conversation like in time you can say , if I can do something to Support you , let me know .. ( of course this limited ) but , it may just take a good opening , to be kind , support , judgement call ) .

  • Just last night we hosted a neighborhood party as a way to “Get to know you.” All decided we should do this as a picnic in summer too. Names and numbers exchanged. The start of a new neighborhood watch. New friends made!

  • I like to have neighbors sign a Guest Book so I remember their names, phone numbers and or email if they wish to share.

    Don’t worry about what to serve as food and drink. . . just put it out there for them to help themselves. Have a short list of things you’d like to share with them, or questions to ask of them

  • Hello Everyone,

    I do believe that getting to know our neighbors and fostering a sense of unity and community awareness we can curb the crime which has become prevalent in our society and in our everyday lives. I believe that the smallest acts of kindness will have far reaching and long lasting effects and will further unite us. Many times a simple ” hello” or a smile may help some through the day.
    Tommy Kreigh, your comments about loving one another are so true and remind me of the song, Love Is The Answer, by England Dan and John Ford Coley, on YouTube and the lyrics are so true. Happy belated New Year everyone. God bless you.


    • My husband & I have been blessed with great neighbors! I’m involved with two knitting groups who are kind enough to pick me up for meetings. I have Multiple Sclerosis & prefer not to drive. With one of the groups we also visitsv the retirement home on Boyd’s Creek. I try to remember I had a grandfather with Alzheimer’s the others with their own issues…we’ll all be in some kind of state some day. I’m just thankful to be here!

  • Hi Robin, That’s a great idea. Since it says nowhere on this blog or comments what neighborhoods are represented, I don’t know if you are in my neighborhood.

  • I think it’s a wonderful ideas I am in my late 70,s and I know one neighboracross the street. She so sweet and her husband is nice also. It makes me feel safe. Genevieve in pitot butte neighborhood

  • As I see a lot in my residential neighborhoods being out there daily, it is a must for us to know who are neighbors are. Not only for safety reasons, but because our children, elderly, special needs and Veterans are out and about daily. I have always advocated Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself. My wish for the new year are that there be no hungry people in our neighborhoods. Please give to your local pantries. Help those whom you see are homeless by buying them a meal and sharing their story. We can all become a better nation by being kind to one another and helping those less fortunate.

  • Great article, so much for this article on social isolation and loneliness at an all-time high. I thought it was me.
    It sad it got this bad. I try to say high to all my neighbors ever day some time it works and others it like , they don’t have time.
    Happy New Year to all! Thank you for the tips. I’ll just to make a different in my neighborhood here in Atlanta GA

  • The elderly person living alone is me. I live independently, can drive, and have savings, so I am not suffering. But I have a friend in Kansas city Missouri, who lives alone after a stroke, with memory for proper names and some level of judgment impaired. I am worried for him because there are no services in Missouri that monitor his safety. He has food only for today and tomorrow, but is only getting rides every few days, so may run out. I have been the only person advising him, and I am so far away and worried for him. However, I see the writing on wall for me. So, I underline the suggestion of reaching out to seniors living alone. especially those who may have impaired judgment, and who are reliant on others for support. I appreciate the forum and opportunity to share my thoughts from Brookings, Or.

  • Need reccomendation for someone who can fix a cuckoo clock in Akron Canton area… Diana Maxwell Central Uniontown member.

  • I love these ideas. Being aware and caring for one another builds the best community. This is my first time to comment. I’m very grateful to be a part of this group.

  • I’m new to the area and would like to make some new friends.Meet for lunch from time to time or do some shopping.My old friends are a,couple hours away and can rarely drive this far.Im in the Ware Lake area if anyone’s free email me.

  • Random acts, i.e. returning one or more shopping carts at the grocery store. The men/young men are so thankful when I take 3 of the smaller carts in each time. Then sharing some homemade pecan pie with a single mother (widow) next door who has two teenage sons. (We don’t need all those desserts.) Praying for someone who is sick and letting them know…it feels good to know someone cares enough to pray.

  • Thanks Helen, this is so positive and just what I was hoping for when I got the invite to be part of this group.
    So as a newbie to Roseburg and Oregon. I’d like to ask you, what are you favorite day trips to see and explore the great state of oregon? I have seen some great things on Facebook call Oregon life. Great falls or historical landmarks. But they don’t tell you where to find them. So what are some of your favorites and some simple directions to put on the map app.
    We have meet some of our neighbors since moving in our new home in the middle of November. Thanks for the warm welcome..

  • please let me explain. when I run in the valley stream park. the one mile loop around the lake. more often then not. I would say hello and most people do not. once I ran around the lake. I counted 34 or 35 people. out of these only 9 said hello back. 9 out 35. also a friend of mine. he had his own moment in trying to say hello. often times he would say hello and again more often then not, they would just wave their hand. he now calls this the nassau wave. and there you go. people don’t have the compassion to simply say hello

  • I’m 86 and have made several trips around the US with our kids. My youngest daughter developed a wanderlust so that when she was in college she spent several summers working abroad to pursue her interests. After graduating with a Masters Degree she ended up teaching in Eastern Europe. I really didn’t have an interest in going to Europe until during her fifth year she chose to be married there. Then I perked up and my brother a fantastic pianist & I went to the wedding. After making 2 more trips with my brother, from London to Naples and many stops in between, he passed away. Now I had wanderlust in my blood for Europe so my oldest daughter took several more trips or should I say adventures with me to Europe. She made me 5 artistic pictures books of our travels on Snapfish and gave me the bound copies for Christmas. I like to show them to people. My doctors ask, “when are you going again, we want to see more”. I don’t do this to brag, but it gives me a chance to re live the trips. So if you are interested in friendship, write me at In the summer I also raise tomatoes and give the to people around my block to get acquainted. Last summer the crop wasn’t very good so see what happens.

  • Just passing this on because meeting new people used to be really hard for me and someone gave me this advice which helped: it feels too awkward to just walk up to someone and say hi my name is, try looking for something to compliment that person on. Maybe they just put up a new yard decoration or they have a cute pet or something like that. I find that is an easy way to break the ice and then after a short discussion about the item, you can say by the way my name is … and there’s the start of your friendship. .

  • You have hit the nail on the head. I love your blog. In fact, this was the topic of the sermon yesterday at our church. We were challenged to get to know our neighbors and our merchants. Thanks for posting. 2020 will be full of challenges, for sure, but getting to know my community is #1 priority. Happy New Year to all who are reading this.

  • this site obviously knows nothing about the moors neighborhood!! we , or at least most of us try to meet new people, help everyone, and work very hard to make our neighborhood the best it can be. we all look forward to another great summer here around the moors resort and hope to see , meet and become friends with every one in the hood. welcome!!!

  • Helen, your ideas are wonderful. I totally agree with treating others with love and kindness. I try to live each day doing so. If we would only realize, that, a simple smile or simple words of kindness can make a profound difference in one’s life. You never know what is on a person’s mind and just what a simple hello or other words of kindness will do to change a situation. Kindness and love are powerful! If practiced by more, indeed this world would be a happier and better place for all.

  • Thank you Helen for sharing this information with me .I look forward to implementing all your advice in this new year .God Bless .

  • In essence, everything sounds great. However, I live in a HOA where, over the past maybe 5 years, the older “rulers” have passed the baton to others. It is the most depressing place now…is literally ignore everyone. I am sandwiched in between the VP and the Secretary. The Secretaries name was on a letter, sent by the Pres. and herself..Basically, it said to those who have not paid, a short time after the yearly amount was due, to talk to your neighbors about paying up, before they have to take steps of outing those people by name in a letter so everyone knows who has not paid. Also, will notify Town Hall, etc.. Another comment about trimming bushes back on the corners for safety. Yes, we have a corner lot. So, I just home from cancer surgery and my husband has a bakers cyst on his leg, which takes along time to mend. So, our shrubs and bushes and trees are not from the grocery store or Home Depot. We believe in going to a nursery, and 35 years later, we have a beautiful yard….So, taking the hint, my husband went out and assessed our bushes …he decided to trim them back, as he did not want them coming through with chain saws and cutting that back..I think they are arborvitaes…and they do not get cut back normally, certainly not with a chainsaw. Well, that’s what they did to someone’s beautiful pine, which really did not need to be was a beautiful christmas tree, and they just cut it straight up from the! Do, we sent our dues with a signature required to our other neighbor, who we thought was our friend…she even has a key to our, we changed the lock. I am so angry with people that think they are the rulers of our land…lol ! So, last week the VP, whom I also thought was our friend…wave, little chats, talk to the kids, etc…He came over last week and said he wondered if our dog had his paw stuck or something, since he was howling…well, it was a 1:00 p.m. on a Saturday, the dog was on our deck, and if does not see you, sometimes he will howl..No noise ordinance here..but, I would not let him howl like that..however, it took my husband a few minutes to get there with the walker, he was headed there when the door bell rang, so the puppy kept howling , because my husband had to get the door.. Well, I called his number, since his wife had given me a note with both their numbers with a note saying “if you ever need anything, please do not hesitate to call”. Do, I called to thank him, thinking he was thinking of the puppy…he did not pick up, but I left a voicemail..thank you, we appreciate it, my husband is trying to mend up from this cyst, etc. left my # and asked him to get back. So, he did not. He was not being nice, he wanted all quiet since it was game time…I, again, am so disgusted with these people who think they have power…..The one is a big, big drinker….we do not drink, so I guess we do not fit into the group !! Whatever it is, it’s like a Peyton Place . I have shoveled ones driveway, when her husband was ill…and watched the others house while it was being constructed . I do not and will not be consoled by anyone. I have held back, but I am all done. We have deeded rights to a lake, but I do not use it ever… maybe the dues go to that ? We had a house fire like 23 years ago…the secretary was here, and never did a darn thing! At that time, we had three children at home. We had to leave that night…and could not move back in until about six months later….People are mean !!!

  • I have wonderful neighbors…the Brittans !!!. They do for me without me knowing at the time. I love their two nice daughters as well!

  • This is all so true and thank you for the reminders, I love my neighborhood and had already heard wonders from the previous owners of our home about our neighbors. For me to be kind is medicine to my soul.

  • We started the new year with a small social with our street. We all agreed we needed this and I am looking forward to neighborhood events in the future.

  • Great information! I would like to add, we all need to get involved in our HOA meetings to assure decisions made represent the majority.

  • I love this. Sometimes it’s hard when people work or are busy but I do try and get to know everyone on my immediate block.

  • We used to have this in my neighborhood, with a neighborhood watch as well. Some of my neighbors are really nice but some that I have not met, I really don’t want to meet since I see activity I don’t want to be involved in. Many have moved, and some houses are rentals, so in some areas you have to be just a little bit careful who you befriend. I wish it were not that way. It was great years ago when we all knew who each other was. I sure agree with checking on seniors. Not many on my street except me now. The younger population never seems to think about checking.

  • helen im the president of the sanctuary is there any way to seperate who is who when they post ?its hard to know where somebody is talking about ?i left a message for a party and it went to the wrong subdivision.can this be fixed some how .i have talked to others who agree sometimes you dont know who is where..tks.

  • Great ideas. Any act of kindness is good to anyone. But we have great neighbors but several have moved recently and we have gotten new neighbors and do not know them well yet. I am disabled and not out much at all and my hubby is not able to do much like he used to either, so it is hard now for us to do for them as we used to. We do wave and try to talk to them and be friendly. We have lived here since 1988 and hope to keep having great neighbors.

  • 1 Great comments…….I live in Oak Grove. 71yrs old married 47 yrs. Semi retired.. work PT at the big orange box here in New Braunfels. Ex R.C.A.F. tac air ops. Restored antique houses for the love of it….not bad plumber and not bad electrician…..need help 24/7 call me no charge… If I can help will do it…8308326759….if you’re SOL will tell you also.


  • Here’s a couple ideas:
    A neighborhood potluck in your front yard is a great way to get to know your neighbors. BYOE–Bring your own everything, including a dish to share, drinks to share, and lawn chairs. Consider providing the paper goods and eating utensils.
    When there’s a yard sale in your neighborhood, go visit the neighbor having it and hang out for a few minutes.

    • Hello Misti,
      Great idea, love it. I just moved to neighborhood first part of November 2019. I would so love to get started having block party gatherings to meet my neighbors. Yes, bring a dish, beverage, and whatever else to share. 🙂

  • Our block (Domingo St. in Pahrump) is only3 blocks long. My wife and I invited all 19 households on the street to a pot luck cookout in our backyard. We had 13 of the 19 show up for hamburgers and hot dogs. Neighbors got to meet neighbors, in some cases for the first time. Now, when I walk the dog, folks will say “Hi” and I’ll stop to chat. Plans are already underway for someone else to host later this year.
    In addition, I make a point of waving at every car that goes past when I’m out. Even if they don’t live there, they are aware that I saw them.
    Not the most original ideas, but they’re a start.

  • Hey Debbie, although your situation is a little different than ours I understand what you mean.
    We have a few people on our street that might wave to you in passing but don’t talk. Last summer we went up and down our street attempting to get to know everyone on our street by inviting everyone to a block party we were had scheduled. If the people were home we invited them personally and if they weren’t home we left a flyer on their door. We held the party but only 17 neighbors came and we had a good time getting to know each other better. I don’t know exactly how didn’t show or even reply to our invite. That’s okay because they may have had other plans but they missed out on the cookout and great neighborly conversation. Some even said they’d like to do it again next summer. If we do I don’t know who would host it but we’d be willing to do it again. maybe some of the others would show up the next time.

  • I am from Puerto Rico. 80 years young. In our culture doors are open for the most part of the day. I noticed when we established residence in Ohio that here is different. Here is what I have bien doing for the past twelve years. Every mother’s, father’s, Thanksgiving, Valentine, X-mas Eve I put a greeting card at my neighbor’s porch. Seventeen in all. We also share with them our traditional dishes. Cost of each card? Four pennies. The response? Dramatic. We live in a great neighborhood.

  • At 43 I woke up that morning and decided I was going to do something nice for someone everyday. It started out with me simply carrying a bag of groceries to the car for an elderly lady —it is ending by changing my life The small acts of kindness we do can change the world one person at a time The small amount of time that I spend each day has given me so much more than anything that I have done for others As years passed by I decided to pass it on I am a christian and do not want a costly expensive funeral I have decided to have a memorial with 1 single rose to signify the 1 on 1 relationship that I have had with each one who attends Candles will be in seats AT the end of the service I am asking for a commitment from my friends to light the candle and share their time with someone they do not know NOT EVERYONE WILL BUT LETS CHANGE THE WORLD 1 PERSON AT A TIME Ginger

  • This is a beautiful thing to do and many folks on this site have made great points about the impact of these simple acts of kindness. I hope this infectious idea spreads from one neighborhood to another, and that it is shared with and done by neighbors from every background and condition or walk of life. We need to take care that our love is not reserved for just certain neighbors or specific kinds of people. Give that smile to the people in your neighborhood who look/seem nothing like you as congenially and sincerely as you would to those who you think are like you. Christ didn’t differentiate and His love is given unconditionally to ANYone who accepts it! Even if we don’t believe or we know nothing about the other, what do we have to lose by sharing this love/smile/greeting without exception? Thank you for LOAD!

  • Hello Earlene, You may try calling this organization for temporary help in coming to check on you periodically among other things:

    Department of Aging

    Best of Luck,

  • My lovely neighbor lady passed away. Not only was she a neighbor but, a great friend. I know I will be lost without her. We did so many things together.

  • I am thinking of having a block party this year before it gets to hot we are the newbies to the neighborhood so need to talk to some people make sure I am not stepping on anyone’s toes we live on a great street for it. The only reason to be on our st is if you get lost or live there.

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