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Nextdoor’s Treat Map is Back with New Features for a Safe Halloween

Written by Shannon Toliver

In partnership with Party City, the interactive map offers alternatives to Trick-or-Treating and an original augmented reality experience.

October is here and Nextdoor has just the spell for celebrating the #1 neighborhood holiday of the year! The annual Treat Map is back and loaded with new features to help you safely celebrate Halloween during the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore the map, add your home to share plans to decorate or dress up, and get in the spirit with a new augmented reality experience in partnership with Party City.

While holiday celebrations may look a bit different, Halloween can still be a treat for the whole neighborhood with Nextdoor’s Treat Map. A recent nationwide Nextdoor poll found that 73% of neighbors say they’re looking for an alternative to traditional Trick-or-Treating this year. In compliance with the CDC’s guidelines to help protect communities from COVID-19, you can now add your home to the Treat Map to share which lower risk festivities you are participating in including haunted decor, pumpkin projects, or a costume wave parade. Neighbors can then explore the map to see how other locals are celebrating and plan a festive Halloween night sight-seeing route.

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To add your home to the Treat Map:

  1. Tap into the Nextdoor app or visit to login or create a Nextdoor account
  2. Visit your neighborhood map 
    1. Mobile: Tap “More” at the bottom right of the screen, then tap ‘Treat Map’ underneath ‘Neighborhood’. 
    2. Web: The Treat Map is located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  3. A window will appear that asks “How are you celebrating Halloween?” Choose from one of the following selections:
    1. Haunted decor: Ghoulish adornments on your car or residence
    2. Pumpkin projects: Show off your painted or carved jack-o-lanterns
    3. Costume wave parade: Dress up and say ‘Hi’ to neighbors 
  4. Encourage your neighbors and friends to visit the Treat Map and share how they will be celebrating

For an added treat, Nextdoor teamed up exclusively with Party City to launch a fun augmented reality experience. Using a smartphone camera through the Nextdoor app, head to the Treat Map to find and bring to life Halloween-themed “Virtual Visitors” in your home, neighborhood, and local Party City stores. Once you find a Virtual Visitor, snap a photo and share your discovery to your Nextdoor newsfeed as new characters are released throughout the Halloween season. You can also locate Party City stores near you on the Treat Map to unlock all of the characters while stocking up on haunted decorations and costumes.

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To find the Virtual Visitors:

  1. Open the Nextdoor app on your iOS or Android phone
  2. Click on Treat Map
  3. Look for ghosts on the map with the label  “View in 3D” 
  4. Click on “View in 3D”
  5. Once you find the Virtual Visitor take a picture of it.
  6. Follow the instructions to post to the Nextdoor Newsfeed.
  7. Check back every Thursday to find new Virtual Visitors

Have a safe and spirited Halloween!

Note: Based on recommendations from the CDC, handing out candy is not an option on this year’s Treat Map.

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