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Introducing Free Finds: A new experience to find free items nearby

Written by Rhett Angold

Buy, sell, and give with the launch of Nextdoor Finds and Free Finds

We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded Nextdoor’s buy, sell, and give experience you already know and love. 

With the trend of neighbors spending more time at home and taking stock of items around their houses during the pandemic, we have seen an 80% increase in monthly listings to Nextdoor’s buy, sell, and give away product since the beginning of 2020, with 25% of items listed as free. Free Finds is a new feature that makes it easier than ever to find free items nearby by browsing listings in your area on Nextdoor.  

With Free Finds, you can live more sustainably, save money, build neighborhood connections, and of course find items for your everyday needs. Free Finds also reaches a broader set of neighbors by enabling those who haven’t yet signed up for Nextdoor to easily discover and receive free items within their own community. Neighbors that haven’t yet joined can then contact the giver simply by signing up for a free Nextdoor account.

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But the good news doesn’t end with Free Finds — we also revamped our popular For Sale & Free section which will now be called Nextdoor Finds. This redesign took what neighbors loved most about the product and made it a more tailored experience. Nextdoor Finds better serves your needs with personalized recommendations, unique categories such as “Neighbor Made” and “Neighbor Services,” and more. Whether decluttering a garage, furnishing a new home, or offering casual services, Nextdoor Finds is the destination for anyone who wishes to give back to their community and recycle items that are no longer needed.

Murdoc, a neighbor in Denver, CO, has used Nextdoor Finds to furnish the majority of his house for 90-100% less than what it would cost otherwise. Check out just a handful of the deals Murdoc found in his neighborhood:

Free Finds and Nextdoor Finds are both free to use and available in all countries Nextdoor is in at or by visiting the Nextdoor Finds section in your Nextdoor app. 

To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at


  • John did a good job in my question answered. I would also like to know how to I check my list of items I have for sale. You use to have your listings, but now I don’t know how to mark sold, or lower price or any other application I wish to make.
    How do I find my listings items for sale please?

  • Hello,
    My nephew is moving out of state for college. I’d like to browse the Finds section in his new neighborhood, but can’t figure out how. Can you help? Thanks!

  • New name “Finds” is confusing.

    I had to find this blog post to figure out how to list something for sale.

    “Finds” kind of implies you’d be posting about things you “find” that others might be offering, as opposed to things you are looking to sell yourself (I didn’t find it, I just have it).

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