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Spring cleaning? Refresh your home and earn extra cash by selling and upcycling on Nextdoor

Written by Team Nextdoor

Tips to save and earn money in your neighborhood while spring cleaning

Every spring, neighbors across the country take some time to reset and freshen up their homes and environment. Explore how you can turn to your neighborhood on Nextdoor, save money, and make some extra cash while spring cleaning this season.

Earn cash by decluttering and selling unwanted items

Rising costs are top of mind for neighbors nationwide — during the week of March 7, mentions of inflation increased by 63% week-over-week. You can refresh your space and reduce waste by hosting a virtual garage sale to sell items and reach interested local buyers on Nextdoor’s For Sale & Free. We ensure every neighbor is a real person in the neighborhood so that exchanges are quick, easy, and safe. 

Like the old saying goes, one neighbor’s trash is another neighbor’s treasure. If something isn’t valuable enough to sell, give it away to “freecycle” and avoid sending items to the junkyard while promoting sustainable giving in your own community. On average, over 20% of all items listed on Nextdoor are free.

“Upcycle” local goods to turn a side hustle into additional income 

To keep up with the rising cost of living, neighbors are turning to creative side hustles for extra income. One way to earn some money is through upcycling — Find unwanted items around your home, or free items that are being given away on Nextdoor, then use your pandemic DIY skills to refurbish them and resell a new and improved version. Furniture is the most common category (22% of all items) sold or given away globally. 

Save money by hiring a local pro for spring cleaning

If you are considering a deep clean or fresh paint job, consider hiring a skilled neighbor on Nextdoor to handle your seasonal cleaning. This can save you some money while also supporting your local economy. 

Every day, neighbors turn to Nextdoor to share trusted recommendations for local businesses and service providers. There are already over 55 million local business recommendations on the platform, and businesses often offer exclusive deals for neighbors. According to recent insights, 72% of U.S. adults are making it more of a priority to support local businesses compared to before the pandemic, while a quarter of neighbors have done gig economy jobs in the past year. 

There has been a 54% uptick in search volume for home services on Nextdoor over the past 2 months, such as house cleaners, painters, and more. Local service professionals can turn to Nextdoor to create an online presence, engage neighbors when and where it matters most, and grow their businesses. Small and medium-sized businesses can learn more and claim a free Nextdoor Business Page to begin connecting with the neighborhood and attracting new customers.

Establish a consistent cleaning routine by connecting with neighbors

When it comes to deep cleaning and home improvements, it is easy to procrastinate and . But with the help of your community, you can keep your home in top top shape all year round. 

Explore Nextdoor groups near you to connect with like-minded locals, learn how other neighbors are keeping up their homes, and share inspiration to hold each other accountable. Check out our tips for successful groups on Nextdoor so you can connect with neighbors and keep your home in tip top shape all year round.

Need to borrow a ladder or tool for a project? Your neighborhood can help! A quick post on Nextdoor can help you find an item with short notice, or even a generous neighbor who’s willing to lend a helping hand.

How will you be spring cleaning this season? Share some inspiration with neighbors on Nextdoor.

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