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Introducing Nextdoor’s first global podcast ‘Where Kindness Lives’

Written by Jennie Sager

The podcast features guests from around the world to inspire and uplift through stories of kindness

At Nextdoor, we see kindness in neighborhoods around the world every single day. Neighbors are looking out for one another; whether it’s delivering the mail, helping out at the local fair, giving away free lemons from a backyard tree, or just coming over for a cup of tea. Kindness is at the core of every community. 

One thing we’ve heard consistently from Nextdoor neighbors is that they want to hear about the incredible acts of kindness and empathy happening further away from their own town or suburb. We continue to explore this as we develop our product, but we also wanted to make sure it’s not just Nextdoor neighbors who learn about this goodness, because science does show that kindness is contagious. In fact, our very own KIND study with scientific researchers around the world found that small acts of kindness improve mental health and well being, and reduce stress and anxiety. 

This is why we’ve launched Where Kindness Lives, the Nextdoor kindness podcast. 

Through conversations with inspiring minds around the world, the podcast shares practical tips for activating and encouraging kindness, promoting global wellness, teaching kindness, and of course, being kind to yourself. All this while celebrating and sharing amazing Nextdoor stories from communities like yours while encouraging a kinder world.  

I’m Jennie Sager — a native New Yorker, the Head of Nextdoor Australia, and now your host of Where Kindness Lives where I have had the opportunity to speak with amazing guests from around the world. Where Kindness Lives chats with much loved personalities including author, business leader and marketing evangelist Guy Kawasaki, Wiggle Greg Page, Celebrity Chef and TV Host  Jason Roberts, award-winning author and psychologist Hugh Mackay, parenting expert and best selling author Maggie Dent, Emmy award-winning journalist Muhammad Lila and many more, about what kindness means to them and how to drive positive change.

“I think the small acts of kindness,  the situational acts of kindness, are as powerful as the often fake big acts of kindness. So that might be how you treat a waiter or a flight attendant as opposed to donating a million dollars to something.” – Guy Kawaski 

“What does kindness mean to me? Wow, I interview people for a living and I’m not saying this to flatter you but that’s probably the most profound question I’ve ever been asked. I think that speaks to the very core of who we are as people.” – Muhammad Lila 

In its first month, Where Kindness Lives built an organic audience globally, with most listeners tuning in from the US, UK, Canada, Belgium, and Australia. We are proud to be sitting in the top 20% of global podcasts in the first 5 weeks. 

You can listen to Where Kindness Lives for free on all music and podcast streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, and Amazon Music, or just click here. We look forward to bringing you more exciting guests this year, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as we love sharing the great stories inside. 

Listen to episodes of Where Kindness Lives:

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