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Nextdoor celebrates the signing of the historic Respect for Marriage Act

Written by Team Nextdoor

Today, President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act (H.R. 8404/S. 4556) into law guaranteeing federal protections for same-sex and interracial marriages.

At Nextdoor, we believe everyone should feel welcome in their neighborhood, and we celebrate today’s news as it reflects our purpose and values in creating a Welcoming Platform for all neighbors.

To mark this historic news, we’re excited to share the celebratory Nextdoor Rainbowhood logo, which we hope will help make LGBTQIA+ neighbors feel seen and welcomed on Nextdoor.

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Last month, Nextdoor signed a letter through the Human Rights Campaign in support of the Respect for Marriage Act, joining a list of companies that represented a diversity of industries and brands that represent and serve nearly every community in the United States. Nextdoor co-signed the HRC letter as fairness, equal treatment, and opportunity are central to our core values and because we want all employees and neighbors to feel included and welcomed as their true, authentic selves.

Today’s action helps to ensure that no person should fear their marriage will not be recognized or their employment benefits threatened because of who they love. For many, this is a right we take freely without question, and we are proud this is now a freedom legally recognized for everyone that will further our purpose in creating stronger and more vibrant communities.

We recognize that the fight for equality is never finished, and Nextdoor’s policies state that any mistreatment, aggression, or unkindness shown to people on the basis of their race, gender and/or sexual orientation is prohibited on Nextdoor.

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