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Introducing generative AI to revolutionize neighborly conversations

Written by Team Nextdoor

Neighbors can use generative AI for a kinder and more engaging community experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been an integral part of the Nextdoor experience for years to help create stronger and more connected communities. We are excited to take the application of AI one step further by integrating generative AI technologies throughout the platform to promote a more positive and engaging experience. 

Generative AI has the potential to revolutionize neighborly conversations. The first iterations, leveraging ChatGPT API, will provide writing tools that enhance the way neighbors communicate with one another.

Introducing Nextdoor Assistant

We are testing a new “Assistant” feature to help you write posts that are more likely to drive positive community engagement. Assistant can be used when writing a new post to see a revised suggestion that the neighbor can review and edit before finishing their post. Additionally, Assistant will suggest ways to rephrase potentially unkind comments and to recommend kinder revisions for comments that trigger a Kindness Reminder to support our ongoing efforts to build an inclusive, welcoming community for all. Assistant will first be tested in neighborhoods across the U.S. Once we are confident in our ability to determine the quality and impact of generative AI for our global neighbors, we’ll be in a strong position to roll this out globally.

Assisting content personalization

Neighbors come to Nextdoor to exchange information, resources, and ideas. The new generative AI technologies also enable us to deliver more personalized and relevant content to you. By analyzing the topic and context of conversations, we can better match content to your needs and interests, providing more targeted recommendations for local news, events, and activities.

Future applications

The adoption of generative AI technologies accelerates Nextdoor’s ongoing efforts to create a supportive environment where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on. Leaning into our core value to experiment and learn quickly, we will continue testing generative AI models globally for unique applications that serve neighbors and businesses.

Generative AI will help us foster kinder, more productive, and engaging conversations – both online and offline. To ensure we deploy generative AI technology that aligns with our purpose, mission, and values, we have developed a set of AI principles which includes a commitment to transparency, privacy, safety, accountability, and inclusivity. We are excited to explore the myriad of possibilities for generative AI applications on our platform.

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