A Nextdoor Where Everyone Belongs

Written by Sarah Friar

Let me say it unequivocally: Racism has no place on Nextdoor.

First, I want to express my outrage and sadness for those who have been hurt by the legacy of racism in the United States. I am heartbroken for those experiencing loss and grief right now. 

Recent events have acutely exposed that some of the behavior we see on our platform is not at all in line with our values as a company. We’ve heard from many Black neighbors that they do not feel welcome and respected. For this, we are sorry. This, we must change. 

Systemic racism in our nation will not be solved overnight. Neighborhoods, we believe, must be part of the solution. Nextdoor connects neighbors, creating dialogues with people you may not have otherwise known. These conversations can spark understanding — and drive change. 

Nextdoor exists to foster these conversations in a civil, productive way. We are committed to building neighborhoods where everyone is empowered to participate. Our purpose at Nextdoor is to cultivate a kinder world where neighbors can rely on one another, where all feel welcome.

While we have been working for years to create this civil forum for discussions, it is time to expand our plan for improvements to our platform and our company. With our employees, neighbors, partners, and advisors, we are taking action. 

We will better educate our neighbors on what is — and is not — allowed on our platform, drawing a firm line against racist behavior and removing comments and members who violate the rules. We will accelerate our plans to strengthen our community moderation. This will include improving the resources and support we provide to Neighborhood Leads who work to maintain civil and productive conversations on Nextdoor. We will also take deliberate steps to further increase diversity across our organization — and to make our team more reflective of the neighborhoods we want to serve.

This is important work, and there is much more to come. We are committed to plotting a clear path forward, where Nextdoor becomes a destination for vital conversations and trusted connections. 

This change starts with sidewalk conversations and simple offers to help our neighbors in need. It will happen as we lean on each other through hurricanes and health crises, or when we come together at park cleanups and community cookouts. The important conversations start with these moments, at these intersections. 

Only when we really see each other, will we begin to resolve our differences. Together, we will create a Nextdoor where everybody belongs.

This is only the beginning. 

Sarah Friar

Nextdoor CEO

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