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Join Us in Taking the Good Neighbor Pledge

Written by Team Nextdoor

It’s our purpose and responsibility to create a platform where everyone feels welcome. As we continue to state: Racism has no place on Nextdoor, and we are committed to doing the important work to make this happen. To achieve this, we must all come together. 

Starting today, we invite our members around the globe to join us in a communal good neighbor pledge — this is a new, pocket-size version of our Community Guidelines that will greet every member upon entering Nextdoor.

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We want Nextdoor to be a place where neighbors are respectful and accepting this pledge will be required to use Nextdoor. We also encourage all neighbors, no matter how long you’ve been on Nextdoor, to read our Community Guidelines which we recently updated to be more clear. On Nextdoor, you’re connected to a diverse group of people in a shared community — your neighborhood. Together, we can build a strong one.

Positive, meaningful, lasting change takes time. We’re committed to not only the work but also to sharing progress of that work so please continue to check Nextdoor’s anti-racism initiatives, Nextdoor’s racism-prevention policies, and Nextdoor’s anti-racism education hub for updates. 

Thank you for being a part of our community and joining us on this journey to create a Nextdoor where everyone feels welcome. 


  • I think this is greatly needed and the solution or perhaps the warning to some, before their account is deactivated. Thank you!

  • Sarah, I could not agree with you more that racial issues should not be discussed on Nextdoor. When i joined many years ago the comments involved lost animals, recommendations on local businesses, and meeting new people,etc. I would like to suggest that politics, political surveys also be taken down. They only increase animosity among the members. There are plenty of other sites for expressing ones opinion.

    • Thank you. I totally agree with you. I thought this site was to help people and get to know one another.

    • William.. I understand why you would feel this way…and…also
      Because this country is in serious danger right’s not such abad idea to express yourself and perhaps be able to inform some folks who
      May or may not be open.. Our country is in peril right now. And decent,respectful conversations could be helpful..and that’s important
      Not nasty or disrespectful in any way…Certainly, in many ways we have
      Similar ideas…..once again, everyone be kind and respectful..Sondi

    • Garden: I like that people walking by comment on our garden and we’ve talked about. splitting plants and sharing /trading them. We’ll do that when it gets a little cooler…

  • Wonderful idea! Its about time we state it outloud to the world! I love all people who’s beauty shines from within and dont focus on the color of skin! Thanks

  • In my opinion there are there topics never to be openly discussed on Nextdoor:

    1) Religion
    2) Politics
    3) Race

    Thank you for all the work you do to make Nextdoor a pleasant experience.

    • It’s wonderful to know that so many Greenville residents are looking to bridge the gap between those who are accepted and those whose who should be accepted, without prejudice. So many southerners go to church then make nasty comments about people who are different from them. No one is perfect! However we should all try to be the best we can be and accept everyone as they are without condemnation.

  • I think it is great to remember, we are all the same race, the Human race.
    Be kind, be helpful, and show compassion to others no matter who they are.

  • My husband and I feel blessed to lived in this diverse neighborhood, among all races, religions, creeds, colors, and opinions. Our neighborhood also includes young and old. We especially love seeing young children on bikes and other devices riding and walking in our neighborhood; playing games, etc. In the summer, we sit on our front porch and look around us. We constantly tell each other how much we love our home and surroundings.

    We moved into our house 32 years ago; we were thrilled then and we are even more thrilled today.

  • When the covid problem is over, I hope we will be able to meet and interact with our neighbors and get to know neighbors who are different from me. I would like to attend meetings to get to know people of color to fight racism.
    Mimi Maginnis
    Fullerton, CA


    Thank you!!!
    Sorry for the caps…I have 2 mixed race Grandsons and 1 of them has taken quite a bit of racial slurs and it HURTS MY HEART SO DEEPLY. THERE ARE NO WORDS…

  • It is so pleasurable to read the beautiful comments of others bridging the gap of divisiveness among all people. This is how to get along in America.

  • Our world is diverse, and so is our community and neighborhood. Nextdoor should reflect the same and underscore tolerance, unity, support and love.

  • I had a great experience posting about race! I expressed a concern during BLM that I hoped none of our Black neighbors felt uncomfortable, and offered my support. There were over 80 comments—all constructive and/or recounting unpleasant encounters. I invited a few of the Black responders and we had a great evening (outside, masked). I now consider them friends and was able to intervene in a “situation.”

    HOWEVER, I do think there are WAY TOO MANY posts left on the sight way too long.
    I wish a higher up was able to go through the posts and after so long DELETE them.

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