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Standing in solidarity with Black neighbors

Written by Team Nextdoor

Updated on April 12, 2021:

The trial of Derek Chauvin started on March 29 and is expected to last at least one month. Keeping this in mind, along with the continuing tragedies for Black neighbors across the country, we would like to reiterate our anti-racism resources, community guidelines, and tips for respectful conversations. Nextdoor encourages neighborly discussions about racial justice and anti-racism efforts – please continue to report content that violates Nextdoor’s policies, or contact us at with any additional concerns.

Originally published on March 25, 2021:

We know that tensions may increase as neighbors across the country discuss the highly anticipated trial of Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with the death of George Floyd. These are difficult topics, and they have a profound impact on our neighborhoods. Nextdoor exists to foster these important conversations in a civil, respectful way. We rely on the words and actions from neighbors like you to make neighborhoods better.

As a reminder, we consider support for the broader Black Lives Matter movement to be relevant nationwide, which means the conversation has been designated as a local issue and permitted in the main feed as long as the posts and comments adhere to our community guidelines. Further, conversations related to the trial and local events to support George Floyd’s memory or his family may be discussed in the main feed in all neighborhoods. We have provided tips to approach discussions with compassion and empathy – note that if conversations become incivil or disrespectful, the entire discussion may be removed or closed.

Today, we are also taking steps to further align our community guidelines and policies with our company values and support for the Black Lives Matter movement. All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter content is explicitly prohibited when used to undermine racial equality or the Black Lives Matter movement. Support for White Lives Matter is prohibited on Nextdoor, as it is most commonly associated with white supremacist groups.

All conversations on Nextdoor must abide by our community guidelines, and we do not tolerate racism, discrimination, or hate speech of any kind. We have communicated these policies to our community moderators and are committed to removing any content or behavior that violates this policy. We leverage a combination of technology, member reports, and the Nextdoor Neighborhood Operations team of trained specialists to detect and remove content, behavior, and individuals that discriminate or make others feel unwelcome. If you see a post or comment that violates our guidelines, please follow these steps to report it. If you see a post from a member whose behavior is discriminatory or racist, please follow these steps to report the individual.

To reiterate our support for Black neighbors, our solidarity with Black Lives around the world, and with the broader Black Lives Matter movement, we are providing the below list of resources if you would like to learn more or take action:

  • Black Lives Matter:
  • NAACP: 
  • Color of Change:
  • Equal Justice Initiative:
  • Southern Poverty Law Center:
  • Minnesota ACLU: 
  • Minnesota Freedom Fund:

You can also visit Nextdoor’s anti-racism resource hub for more information. We remain committed to building a platform where all feel welcome, safe, and respected.

To connect with your local neighborhood, please login at

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