Community Moderation: Reporting and removing content that violates our guidelines

Written by Sarah Friar

This morning, our Head of Community shared the following post to our Nextdoor Community Forum, to provide clarity around our guidelines and support to our Leads and Community Reviewers. It’s important that you, our members, also know and understand our position. 

As a member of the neighborhood, you can flag content or report a member that violates either the Community Guidelines and/or Member Agreement

Thank you for doing your part to ensure conversations on Nextdoor are healthy and productive, fostering a welcoming neighborhood for all.  


Hi Leads & Community Reviewers,

I joined Nextdoor in early December as Head of Community. This wasn’t the way I had hoped to introduce myself to you, and I will share with you all a more detailed introduction of myself, my role, and how I aspire to work with you all in the coming days. However the heightened national political conversation brings me here this morning to discuss our Community Guidelines, and how to apply them given recent events.

First and foremost, I want to reiterate that the broader Nextdoor team is committed to the safety of all members and communities on the platform. As always, we are taking action against accounts and content that violate our Community Guidelines and/or Member Agreement, and the violent events that took place at the US Capitol last week are no exception. As Leads and Community Reviewers you all hold an important leadership role in each of your Nextdoor neighborhoods in facilitating productive, respectful discourse. Nextdoor’s Community Guidelines are in place to give structure to the conversations, and ensure that the broader community remains safe and helpful for everyone.

Tensions are high right now and we understand that taking action in accordance to Community Guidelines sometimes requires you to make judgment calls. To ensure that you are supported in the ways you’re contributing to your community’s conversations on Nextdoor, we think it will be helpful to further explain how to interpret and follow the Community Guidelines, and to remove any ambiguity about them related to recent events:

  1. Report authors to Nextdoor, if you see:
  • Advocacy or support of violence. Harmful activity of any kind is not allowed on our platform, and neither is the advocacy or intent to organize such violence. While we are doing our part to monitor the platform proactively, should you come across any member who is calling for violence, or organizing to incite violence, please don’t hesitate to report their account immediately. Importantly, we also interpret “advocacy” broadly to include language that glorifies or demonstrates support for violence or those who commit violence. Report any accounts that you may see behave in this way. 
  • Racism, discrimination, or other hateful language/imagery. In the event you think someone may be using racial, discriminatory, or hateful language — either overtly, or veiled — please immediately report the account for our team to review. Sites like Wikipedia can be helpful in quickly understanding if a particular term has a hateful connotation, though note that any site with user-generated content may contain profanity and other potentially offensive terms. Regardless, please report any account using hateful language to us with urgency. 
  • Distribution of misinformation related to the Election and COVID-19. Misinformation of any kind is harmful, and in many cases can lead to acts of violence in a community. Nextdoor explicitly prohibits the posting and distribution of misinformation related to the 2020 US Presidential election, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Please report any accounts that may be spreading misinformation on the platform, including conversations alluding to election integrity.
  • Any other violation of our Community Guidelines or Member Agreement. The Community Guidelines are always available to you in our Help Center, which also links to our Member Agreement. Remember — participation on Nextdoor is a choice, and everyone is expected to uphold these agreements in order to participate.
  1. Vote to remove content, if the post or comment:
  • Advocates or shows support for violence. As mentioned above, the advocacy, support, or glorification of violence of any kind is absolutely forbidden from Nextdoor. Posts that celebrate or condone the violent acts in Washington fall under this guideline and should be removed. 
  • Brags about participating in violence. Bragging about participating in violent acts or events does not create for a safe, comfortable, or welcoming neighborhood. Posts or comments that do so should be removed for the safety of the broader community.
  • Discusses national politics in the main feed. The purpose of the main feed is to reflect your local neighborhood, so members can connect with hyperlocal, trusted information, goods, and services. We currently allow the discussion of national politics in groups — not in the main feed. All Groups are subject to our Group Guidelines and Member Agreement, and can be removed by Nextdoor for violations. If you’re concerned about the quality of discussions happening within a group, please report it to our team for review.
  • Violates our guidelines, whether you agree or disagree with the content. As always, please remove or vote to remove content that violates our guidelines, even if the topic of discussion may be something you agree with.
  1. Vote to keep content, if the post or comment: 
  • Does not violate our guidelines, even if you disagree with the content. Disagreement is uncomfortable, but it’s a healthy part of conversation. Unless the content promotes violence, misinformation, or otherwise violates our guidelines, please vote to keep the content on the platform — even if you disagree with the author.

Additional support is available in our Moderating political posts toolkit.

We’re also reviewing the actions of any Lead or Community Reviewer who has been reported for biased moderation. In the event we find that biased actions have been taken, we will remove the person from our program. The negative actions of a small few should not reflect on the significant and positive impact made by the broader Leads and Community Reviewers community.

Moderation is hard even when the world isn’t in turmoil. Ensuring discussions stay healthy and productive takes a tremendous amount of energy. Sometimes (as here) the actions are so wrong that it makes moderation decisions clearer and easier, while in other moments it may be tough to determine whether to keep or remove certain content. Community norms evolve with time, context, and experience. Please know that our team is here to support you.

Again, I am sad that this is my first post in this forum, but I am looking forward to better days ahead. Neighborhoods have the power to change the world for the better, and may be the most potent avenue for change in a world so divided. I can’t wait to support all of you in continuing to bring about meaningful change to your communities. 

On behalf of the entire Nextdoor community, we are deeply grateful that you’ve opted-in to support healthy dialogue in your neighborhoods. We are thankful to you for your leadership, and are thrilled to be partnering with all of you in advancement of our collective purpose of creating a kinder world where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on.



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