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Nextdoor and Team Up to Help Neighbors Get the Vote Out

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In partnership with, Nextdoor is launching the Voter Help Map to help neighbors print voting materials in states where needed and boost voter registration.

Change starts in the neighborhood, and Nextdoor is committed to building neighborhoods where everyone is empowered to participate. That’s why Nextdoor and, a nonpartisan organization with a mission to increase voter turnout, are teaming up to make it easier than ever for neighbors to participate in the upcoming election season. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new barriers with the 2020 election voting process, and, in response, is working to keep voters actively engaged. With some states requiring hardcopy documents and physical signatures in order to register to vote and to submit absentee ballot requests – and some people just prefer to print their forms vs. manage online – printing has become an issue for many as we continue to work from home without printer access.

Throughout the pandemic, neighbors have reached out to offer support or lean on others when they need a favor. That’s why Nextdoor is teaming up with to allow neighbors an opportunity to offer and receive printing help with Nextdoor’s Voter Help Map

The Voter Help Map calls on Nextdoor members who own a home printer to add themselves to the map with an offer to print voting materials for others. Those in need of a printer can then visit the map, find and contact a neighbor who has offered to print, and help everyone vote. Please note that not all states require printed materials – you can learn more about if your state requires printed documents for voter registration here and for absentee ballot requests here

“We’re excited to partner with Nextdoor to make the voter registration and vote by mail processes easier for more voters. In the face of a global pandemic, it’s critical for all of us to do our part to protect each other and the health of our democracy,” said Andrea Hailey, CEO of 

When giving or receiving help, be sure to follow all COVID-19 safety instructions from your local and national authorities. Only offer help if it’s allowed in your area and you’re confident it’s safe to do so. 

  • Wash hands before and after any activities.
  • Send all documents via email or virtually to avoid direct contact.
  • Leave items on the doorstep and don’t enter people’s homes. Avoid all contact with anyone who might be sick.

Neighbors turn to Nextdoor to share helpful information, discuss local topics, and stay engaged with their communities. When communities unite to make a difference, they can leave a lasting impact at the local level and beyond. Learn more about registering to vote and requesting your mail-in ballot at Happy voting!

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