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Discussing National Politics on Nextdoor

Written by Sarah Friar

While every neighborhood is unique, one thing remains constant —  neighbors want their community to thrive. The neighborhood is where you connect with people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, and have conversations that bring people together and spark change. As we approach the U.S. election, we wanted to provide clarity and tools to support civic engagement and neighborhood conversations, particularly around local and national politics.

This local and national political issues help center article has been refined to provide clarification on our existing guideline: local topics are allowed in the main feed and national topics should be discussed in a Group. To remind members to discuss national politics in Groups, we have created a pop-up that will appear if it looks like the post is about a national topic.

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For posts that evolve into an engaging discussion (i.e. a large number of comments on the post), we will generate a notification asking the member who created the post if they would like to continue the discussion in a Group. Moving to Groups optimizes the discussion for longer-term utility and engagement for interested members.

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We hope that you’ll continue to have conversations on Nextdoor that have a positive impact on your neighborhood. And thank you, as always, for working to make your community stronger and kinder.


  • The whole National Politics to be discussed in Groups and not in General feed, was greatly needed, but the problem, I keep running into, is that by not, directly saying, ” National Politics is not allowed, or not to be discussed in the General Feed. If anyone wishes to discuss National Politics, they must do so, in a Group. If there is no Group for National Politics, in your neighborhood, the please feel free to start one.
    Any National political discussions, in General Feed, are subject to removal.”

    Members keep using the grey area of, ” Nowhere in the Guidelines, does it specifically say that politics can’t be posted in general.
    Our neighborhood has turned into, nothing but one political rant, after another.

    • I’d like to start a Polital debating group. Where only the facts are debated in hopes to educate the young voters or persuade the old into voting. Register to vote and showing up to vote is what is important to ensure our democracy

    • Yes, I love this idea, there were many in our neighborhood that didn’t want to listen to politics, so i started our own with 2 simple rules. No name calling or outright being mean. It’s been up since August 25th, and honestly I thought I would have to take it down within a week. We’ve had some great debates but so far all is well

    • Your comment is exactly right! This is still in issue and it is now March 2021. We need a definitive rule in the guidelines with the same wording you used in this post, in my personal opinion.

      I found your post by searching for politics next door in Google and this came up. I really thought that we had this already to be honest and I will look again but if it is not listed, it needs to be.

      I am here because a member made a post about their gas bill, asking others if their bill had also increased and it has turned into an all out political discussion revolving around the change in presidents. The comments, as you can imagine, have become argumentative to downright hateful and neighbors are becoming combative in this post.

      There was nothing wrong with the post itself however, like many posts these days, all it took was just one person making a reference to politics and everyone else followed suit adding their opinion about the election/presidents.

      To be frank, I already deal with hateful comments and discussions revolving around the recent election more than I would like on NewsBreak and similar sites. Nextdoor has been one of the only sites I can go to without politics being discussed on every single post and I’d like it to stay that way.

      Again, the information in your post is spot on and I how Nextdoor listens. Fantastic post!

  • How can I find a ‘national politics’ group in my neighborhood? If there is none, how do I start one and notify my neighborhood about it?

    I don’t tell people how to vote or what they must do or must believe. I share articles and videos I think are important for everyone to know about, and people can form their own opinion on what action(s) they must take, or what individual for whom they must vote. From time to time I will submit my opinion on a topic, but I don’t denigrate those who disagree with me. I urge everyone to educate themselves on both (all) aspects of a topic and then decide where they stand based on all the facts.

    If anyone can point me in the direction of a group or how to put one together, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Many thanks.

  • As a Neighborhood Lead, I just created a National Politics Discussion Group, A Trump/Pence 2020 and Biden/Harris 2020 Group to help my neighbors. I also posted the rules regarding politics. I hope this helps. ?

  • I like putting national topics in separate groups. Great idea! I also want to have a discussion with my neighbors about national politics so I will create a group for that purpose. Is it permitted that I announce the creation of the group and invite participation on my neighborhood main feed so that interested people know it exists and can participate if they want?

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