Enforcing community guidelines in groups on Nextdoor

Written by Team Nextdoor

On Monday, we published guidance for Leads and Community Reviewers regarding our Community Guidelines, in order to remove any ambiguity about how to apply them in light of last week’s violent events in Washington D.C. Today, we are sharing additional direction regarding the use of Groups on Nextdoor. 

First, any Group that contains information that organizes or calls for violence will be immediately taken down. Specifically, this includes any Groups that call for demonstrations or actions inspired by, modeled after, or related to the events of January 6. Members have the ability to report Groups, similar to how they are able to report content in Nextdoor’s mainfeed. 

We also recently added a promo in Groups reminding members of our Guidelines.

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Group Guidelines Include: 

1. Report authors and content in Groups to Nextdoor, if you see:

  • Advocacy or support of violence (for more information about our broad definition of “support of violence” related to last week’s violent demonstrations, please see our previous post); 
  • Racism, discrimination, or other hateful language/imagery; 
  • Distribution of misinformation: Nextdoor explicitly prohibits the posting and distribution of misinformation related to the 2020 US Presidential election, and the COVID-19 pandemic; and 
  • Violation of Group Guidelines: All Groups are subject to our Group Guidelines and Member Agreement, and can be removed by Nextdoor for violations. If you’re concerned about the content of discussions happening within a group, please report it to our team for immediate review.

2. Groups may be removed for the following reasons:

  • The Group name contains content we do not allow (explicit language, hate speech); 
  • Organizes/promotes violence or harm (advocacy, support, or glorification of violence of any kind is absolutely forbidden from Nextdoor. Posts that celebrate or condone the violent acts in Washington fall under this guideline and should be removed); 
  • Involves hate speech and/or hate groups;  
  • Illustrates failure to moderate: If the admins of a group consistently fail to enforce our Community Guidelines by allowing content that violates the guidelines, the entire group may be removed; or 
  • Violates business practices related to: 
    • Gambling
    • Alcohol/Drug rehabilitation groups
    • Promotion or distribution of age-restricted substances
    • Sexually explicit content or services

Nextdoor prohibits content and groups displaying support for hate groups or their underlying ideologies. We recognize regulatory bodies and organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League in their designation of hate groups, which include American Nazi Party, Boogaloo, Proud Boys, and QAnon, among others. In addition to member reporting, Nextdoor’s Neighborhood Operations Team also uses technology to identify and remove content that violates these rules.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure conversations on Nextdoor are healthy and productive, fostering a welcoming neighborhood for all.  

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