Nextdoor’s Treat Map returns for your neighborhood Halloween celebrations

Written by Team Nextdoor

For the first time, neighbors can move the Treat Map and see pins in neighborhoods beyond their own

Halloween season is here, and this is the best way to celebrate.

Nextdoor’s annual Treat Map is back! Using the interactive Treat Map, you can find which houses in your neighborhood are taking part in the festivities and rewarding trick-or-treaters.

Curious which neighbor has the scariest Halloween display? Want to discover who is handing out king-sized candy bars?

The Treat Map has you covered.

Nextdoor’s Treat Map allows you to:

  • Explore: Navigate through your neighborhood using the interactive map. Pumpkin icons will mark participating homes.
  • Join the fun: On Halloween night, in your spookiest costumes, follow the Treat Map for an evening of excitement.
  • Share: Don’t forget to mark your own home on the map if you’re handing out treats. Spread the Halloween spirit in your community!

From now through the end of the month, neighbors can access the Treat Map from Nextdoor’s Discover tab to start sharing their Halloween plans.

Are you handing out candy? Be a treat-giver and spread smiles in your community. Mark your home on the Treat Map and get ready to welcome trick-or-treaters on the big night. You can even provide a preview by telling your neighbors which treats you plan to hand out this year.

Show off your Halloween display! If you’re transforming your outdoor space into a Halloween masterpiece, let your neighbors know by adding your home to the Treat Map. Whether it’s a haunted graveyard, a pumpkin patch, or a ghostly display, let your creativity shine and delight passersby. Add a photo so neighbors can see your decorations.

For the first time this year, neighbors can move the Treat Map and “Search this Area” to see pins in neighborhoods beyond their own. This feature allows neighbors to open the Treat Map and find decorated homes and places to trick-or-treat in other neighborhoods and towns.

Spending time with family and friends outside of your own neighborhood? The Treat Map will help you explore new neighborhoods that are in the Halloween spirit.

Local businesses can also get in on the festive Treat Map fun this year.

Local business owners can brew some BOO-tiful experiences by engaging with their local community on the seasonal map. Showcase your storefront on the Treat Map and offer special promotions for those who drop by in costume. Participating businesses will not only spread joy but also gain exposure among neighbors.

Tips for a spooktacular Treat Map experience:

  • Stay safe: Always prioritize safety. Stick to well-lit areas and only visit homes that are participating on the Treat Map.
  • Respect privacy: Be mindful that not all neighbors may want to participate. Only visit houses that have opted in.
  • Follow local guidelines: Adhere to any local guidelines or recommendations to ensure a safe and enjoyable Halloween for everyone.

Head to the Nextdoor app or visit to get the whole neighborhood to join in on the fun.

To connect with your local neighborhood, download the app or login at

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