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Introducing Nextdoor for iPhone & iPod touch

Introducing Nextdoor for iPhone
Written by Nirav Tolia

We continue to be amazed by how neighborhoods across the country have embraced Nextdoor and have come to rely on it every single day. For over 12,600 neighborhoods in all 50 states, Nextdoor has become an essential tool in building stronger and safer places to call home.

Today we hope to take this to the next level by introducing Nextdoor for iPhone and iPod touch.

The Nextdoor App brings the power of the neighborhood to the palm of your hand – stay connected and safe anytime, from anywhere.

With Nextdoor for iPhone and iPod touch, members can:

  • Access the complete newsfeed
  • Create and reply to neighbor messages
  • Send and receive urgent alerts and private messages
  • Post a photo from your iPhone camera roll to a Nextdoor message
  • Thank and welcome neighbors
  • Receive immediate notifications about neighborhood activity
  • Navigate to the neighbor directory, private message inbox, and filters for viewing city/police posts, groups, and categories

Feedback from our members has been and always will be the driving force behind the development of Nextdoor. For some time, a dedicated app for iPhone and iPod touch has been the number one requested feature. In fact, 30% of all visits to to date have come through mobile browsers.

To download the Nextdoor App, please visit

We hope that you enjoy Nextdoor for iPhone and iPod touch as much as we have enjoyed building it. Please send any feedback, comments, and suggestions by contacting us here. For those of you with Android phones, we are already hard at work on a Nextdoor app and plan to release it this summer.

On behalf of our entire team, thank you for being part of the Nextdoor community. We are thrilled to be working together to bring back a sense of community to neighborhoods everywhere.

Nirav Tolia
Co-Founder and CEO


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