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Introducing Nextdoor Polls

Written by Team Nextdoor

How often have you wanted to gauge your neighborhood’s interest in a particular topic?

Have you ever wondered:

  • Does the neighborhood park need new swings?
  • When should we hold the neighborhood block party?
  • What type of trees should the HOA plant along the street?

We’re excited to announce the release of Nextdoor Polls, which allows Nextdoor members to quickly ask their neighbors questions and quantify the results. From straw polls to voting on community issues, gathering input from neighbors has never been easier.

Nextdoor Polls work similarly to other newsfeed posts. They may be shared with the neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods, or any groups to which a member belongs. All responses to the poll are completely anonymous, which allows polls to be used for a wide variety of applications. Anyone who receives the poll may cast a single vote until the poll is closed, at which point the results are displayed for all members of the neighborhood or group.

To get started with Nextdoor Polls:

  1. Nextdoor members can sign in to their accounts. If you are not yet a member, you can sign up and verify your address to ensure your voice is heard.
  2. Once signed in, click on the postbox (desktop/laptop) or compose button (iOS/Android) and select the “Poll” option. Choose your audience for the poll, and then complete the steps to add a question, description, and answer choices to your poll.
  3. Post the poll to your audience (e.g., neighborhood, nearby neighborhoods or group) and wait for responses from your neighbors.
  4. Close the poll when you’re done collecting responses.

Find out what your neighbors think by circulating a Nextdoor Poll today! Visit our Help Center to learn more about Nextdoor Polls.


  • This is an interesting feature. For neighborhood associations, will there be a future feature enhancement to restrict responses to one per household? That would be very helpful for conducting online votes. Multivoting would also be a welcome feature (e.g., choose all options that you like; or perhaps choose only the best three).


    • I’d like to second this question/request. Limiting responses to one per household would be very helpful.

      • Since my partner and I often disagree I think he should get his own vote. Sort of like a democracy. One vote per person is sufficient however.

        • i second That ‘motion’….. each individual in each household should get 1 vote . . .
          no more ‘repeaters’ on voting though — it really isn’t fair . . .

        • I agree with you. My husband and I have different views on just about everything! Lol!!!

          One vote per person, per household. However, I think there should be an minimum age requirement of 18. And, no repeat voters.

  • Really love the polling option for our neighborhood. The updates and new features that are added make this social media website much nicer to use. Thanks!

  • This, of course, is not a scientific, random, or statistically valid poll … or is it? It’s limited to the universe of people who have chosen to sign up for NextDoor, and who then bother to take the time to respond to any poll.

    And is multiple voting online somehow prevented? Could someone, theoretically, cast seventeen votes for new community playground swings … or just one vote?

    I think this is a potentially good tool. But I also think it would only yield an approximate, general consensus on any particular neighborhood issue. Used to get a general idea of sentiment, it’s probably useful. But it may not reflect the larger point-of-view in a neighborhood because it’s limited only to those who have chosen to affiliate and participate.

    • I agree that these polls may not be reflective of the entire community. But the polls would certainly indicated the opinions of those neighbors who are engaged in the health and well being of the neighborhood. However, I think final decisions made from polls should be the result of presentation and discussion at publicly announced association meetings (which unfortunately typically are only attended by the same people) giving everyone a chance to participate.

    • True. But then, usually those who take action are the ones that participate and the ones that can mold things such as events and behaviors. This is a very useful but informal tool and could be very useful in taking “the pulse” of the community.

  • This looks like a promising feature. But it appears this poll feature lets one ask only one question. That will limit the usefulness of the ND polls, as typically when an HOA (as shown in the example above) wants to poll the members, there is more than one question they want to ask. Survey Monkey will still need to be used in most cases.

  • Love this CYBER Community created by Nextdoor Love Love this site. Great ideas from neighbors we often see every day but don’t know. Perhaps this along with warm weather will bring more people out. I have absolutely everything on here to always be open honest exchange of great first-hand information about the going ons around the area. Let’s all try and get MORE of our neighbors friends to sign up SEND out Invitations the more the better.

  • Great idea, however the poll would be good depending on the number of people signed up in your area for “nextdoor

    I have noticed in my town that the”nextdoor” desinated area maps do not appear to be the same number of blocks or population. How are the area maps determined ? That alone would effect a poll.

  • The Help section in the Nextdoor app does say that just one vote per account holder is allowed. The app will not allow additional votes per account holder. Therefore, if a family only has one account set up, they can only vote in a poll once

  • I would add that may be this poll feature can have a “fill in option” so neighbors can still remain anonymous while providing response if none of the other possible answers work.

  • Our HOA surveys our homeowners every year. Last year we used Survey Monkey but this year we used Constant Contact. Both worked very well. Of course, we asked multiple questions with multiple answers including several that allowed for separate comment. The summary is just now being distributed to our HOs using CC. It would be great if we had that level of polling with ND but it would also require us to encourage all HOs to sign up on ND. Right now, we have 90%+ of our HO’s email addresses.

  • Nice start, but it’d be nice to ask more than one question. We’re conducting some studies in the neighborhood and are trying to figure out if we can use Nextdoor to get the info we need. Perhaps we need to try SurveyMonkey or

  • I should get people interested in their neighbors again with polling Great Issues! I’m looking forward to the first one! Bravo!!

  • Interesting but it may not mean anything changes or anything will get done with these polls, but you might just find out your neighbors opinion. Not sure what’s going to be achieved with polls not attatched to projects, or community aspirations. Will be curious to see what becomes of it.

  • Thanks.
    Wish list:
    – Option to Choose all that apply
    – Option to hide results until the poll closes

  • I’m so glad I joined the next door neighbors I just wished I would have known about it sooner it is so beneficial to know you’re neighbors and neighborhood. it’s been so helpful for finding handymen I found a really good guy from joining next door neighbors from a reference also I needed someone to do lawns and odd jobs I got 2 really good workers a couple of high school kids they did a good job mowing my lawn also so many other inquiries just to add to my find.

  • I agree that there should be a response for 2 registered users per address. Each person may have completely different opinions. Imagine that.

  • Luv it! Helped us out with our event to see what type of pizza neighbors would prefer. Also added a spice of genre to the music selection at the event. There is some hiccups but I figure they will resolve it soon ex. pictures, more category options, multiple selections. Thanks Nextdoor!

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